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Spider-Man PS4 Suits Leaked, Can Be Unlocked In-Game

A leaked image shows that there are 27 suits that Spider-Man can wear!

A leaked image from Reddit has revealed all of the different suits that players can unlock in Marvel's Spider-Man. The suits range from some iconic pieces of comic history like Spider-Man 2099's UMF suit and the Iron Spider suit from the cinematic universe to what appear to be some brand new designs by developer Insomniac Games. The image shows a robust select screen for the different suits, showing that players will be able to change costumes on the fly.

Spider-Man PS4 Suits Leaked, Can Be Unlocked In-Game-1

Thankfully, these suits will all be unlockable in-game as Insomniac Games have previously specified that they won't be hidden behind DLC. They also clarified on Twitter that each suit has a unique ability attached to it that players will be able to swap. This means that each suit is more than a simple graphical change, and will change how players interact with the open-world action game.

Fans won't have to wait long to start unlocking these suits, as Marvel's Spider-Man releases September 7 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Tyler Treese August 27, 2018