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Anti-debug Code in Monster Hunter: World Causes Problems for Modders

The anti-debug code may influence the performance of the game being unable to detect the number of cores, which makes the creation of mods problematic

The PC release of Monster Hunter: World may not be as optimized as it could be. A modder going by the handle of Kaldaien discovered details about the game’s engine while working on a mod. Monster Hunter currently is unable to detect the number of CPU cores that PC players have in their system. This leads to wonky scaling issues and unnecessary problems. The game assumes that every player has 32-core processors and scales threads in order to accommodate those processors. However, this ends up leaving players with only 4 or 8 core processors with a much more taxing performance.

This problem is added onto the fact that there is an entire thread dedicated to‘’anti-debug code.’’ Threads from that code ends up constituting 25% of the CPU workload. This combined with the poor optimization problems mentioned before can end up making this game a real monster on your CPU. It is unknown whether or not Capcom is aware of these oversights and whether a solution is being worked on.

Corey Gavaza August 27, 2018