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Obsidian Thinking about Possible Alpha Protocol Remaster?

A recent Obsidian tweet might mean the company has plans for making a remaster of their 2010 espionage roleplay game

Obsidian has only one thing to ask the community: Do you want more Alpha Protocol? Douglas Bogart of Limited Run Games posed the question on his twitter and it seems that Obsidian was listening. They retweeted the question and the comments have been piling up with praise for the last-gen title. Though they didn’t leave any sort of comment on the retweet, it’s clear that there’s at least some interest for more Alpha Protocol on Obsidian’s part.

Obsidian Thinking about Possible Alpha Protocol Remaster?-1

Released in May 2010, Alpha Protocol was a third-person shooter RPG where you could build your character how you wanted and make choices that affect the rest of the story. It was received by the gaming media in a lukewarm way but it ended up becoming a cult classic with some. The main issues with the game were in its lack of polish and some questionable gameplay mechanics like hacking. If an updated version were released that addressed these problems, the game really could become something special.

It remains to be seen how this tweet will play out, but many are on the edge of their seats for another chance to stealth and shoot through Alpha Protocol again.

Corey Gavaza September 4, 2018