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Nintendo Teases a Splatoon Crossover in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo teases a Splatoon crossover for mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on the official Twitter

The Animal Crossing UK twitter recently put up a tweet with a paint-splattered gyroid face, hinting at a crossover event for the two franchises. In the tweet, there is no official wording on what this could mean or what cosmetic items will be heading for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. With a Nintendo Direct looming around the corner, perhaps this could end up being shown off there.

Nintendo Teases a Splatoon Crossover in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp-1

Pocket Camp is no stranger to crossover events. Back in March of this year, there was a Super Mario Crossover event that included a sizeable amount of clothing and furniture to earn. The cosmetic items were earned by completing requests for visiting animals and there were stages to the event that prompted players to keep checking in for new rewards. The Mario Crossover event lasted for 31 days so it isn’t a stretch to imagine the Splatoon Crossover to be just as long-lasting.

Splatoon definitely has enough style and cosmetic items to share. Be prepared for Nintendo to talk about Pocket Camp any day now.

Corey Gavaza September 12, 2018