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PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get Exclusive Fortnite Items

Sony continues to collaborate with Epic Games in order to give players bonus content

Fortnite players that are PlayStation Plus subscribers have a reason to celebrate today. Epic Games has teamed up with Sony to release a new package of goodies that they’re calling the ‘’PlayStation Plus Celebration.’’ Fans of the incredibly popular free-to-play game can get three exclusive cosmetic items for free from the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get Exclusive Fortnite Items -1

The three items included in the pack are the Flappy Glider, Controller Pickaxe, and Skydiving Trail. All three of the items are cosmetic only, and offer no advantage in gameplay. After all, a battle royale game has to be fair for players to keep playing it.

This is the latest batch of bonus cosmetic items for Fortnite players on PlayStation 4, but the first since Sony has come under scrutiny for not allowing cross-play on their system. While Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players can play together, Sony’s version is closed off in comparison (all versions can play with mobile and PC players, though). Fortnite developer Epic Games have voiced their displeasurement with Sony’s decision to not allow cross-play in the past, but clearly not enough to stop working with them.

Fortnite’s PlayStation Plus Celebration pack is available now in the PlayStation Store for free.

Tyler Treese September 12, 2018