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Niantic Currently Beta Testing PokéStop Nominations for Pokémon GO

The exciting new feature is being tested in Brazil and South Korea

Soon Pokémon GO players will be able to help additional PokéStops pop up in the popular mobile game. This is due to what developer Niantic is calling a PokéStop Nomination feature, which is currently in beta in both Brazil and South Korea for level 40 players. Once all of the kinks are worked out, the new nomination feature will expand to additional regions.

Niantic Currently Beta Testing PokéStop Nominations for Pokémon GO-1

The system encourages Pokémon GO players to nominate locations that have historical or educational value, local areas that feature unique sights, and public properties like parks or libraries. Once a location is submitted and the description for the PokéStop is filled out (which requires multiple photos of the area), other local players will review the listing. If other players like the suggestion, it will be marked as ‘’eligible,’’ and then Niantic will review it before it officially becomes a regular stop or even a gym in-game.

These type of changes show that Niantic are still carefully monitoring Pokémon GO and are invested in its future, even if the mobile game launched over two years ago. The PokéStop Nomination feature is currently now in beta in Brazil and South Korea.

Tyler Treese September 13, 2018