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Hunt: Showdown Update 2.4 Brings Major Changes

Not only does the game perform considerably better, but new weapons are on the way

Crytek are bringing a major update to their competitive first-person shooter Hunt: Showdown later this month. Update 2.4 of the bounty hunting game will be focused on performance upgrades, as many changes were made to the shooter’s graphical settings. Other new updates include the recently introduced solo mode becoming a permanent addition, and three new weapons.

The key performance change comes in the form of splitting the rendering to two different quality settings, which allows players to now customize objects like shadow and particle quality. An option that Crytek previously employed with Ryse: Son of Rome is also now available, as resolution scaling is now available. Additionally, Crytek have optimized their code to reduce level load times and game stalling.

To see the upcoming performance update in action, check out the latest Hunt: Showdown developer update:

As far as weapons go, players will now be able to use the Nagant Officer M1895 Carbine Pistol, the Specter 1882 Compact Shotgun, and Crossbow Shotbolt in action. All three weapons offer interesting twists on their archetypes. The pistol’s long barrel and stock makes it more like a rifle, the shotgun has a wide spread due to a sawn-off barrel, and the crossbow uses bolts that are tipped with shotgun shells.

Hunt: Showdown update 2.4 is set to release later this month, and the first-person hunting game is available now on Steam. It’s also set to release on Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview program in the future.

Tyler Treese September 13, 2018