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Warriors Orochi 4's Latest Video Showcases Multiplayer Gameplay

Koei Tecmo are bringing competitive play to their popular musou series

While Koei Tecmo’s musou series of action games aren’t known for their competitive multiplayer modes, the upcoming Warriors Orochi 4 will look to change that. While there will be plenty of Dynasty Warriors-style slashing through enemies in the campaign, there will also be a three-versus-three multiplayer mode called Battle Arena. It has two separate teams battling to capture bases for an intense three minutes.

The newly released video showcasing the mode features two separate battles. One team was headed up by Warrior Orochi 4’s director, Tomohiko Aoki, while the secondary team was led by Masaki Furusawa. It’s a great look at how the non-traditional competitive mode still retains the core action of the series.

Check out the first look at Warrior Orochi 4’s Battle Arena mode below:

Warriors Orochi serves as a special celebration of Koei Tecmo’s various musou games, as it combines characters from both the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. The latest crossover will feature the two groups of legendary warriors going up against the Greek god of thunder, Zeus.

Players will be able to compete for supremacy once Warriors Orochi 4 releases on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The action game is currently set to come out October 16 in North America, and October 19 in Europe.

Tyler Treese September 13, 2018