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Go Futuristic with Air Roads in Cities: Skylines

The new mod gives a futuristic look to your city as it's invisible

A new mod for Cities: Skylines is perfect for players that are looking to add a futuristic vibe to their city planning experience. Called ‘’Air Roads,’’ the mod by originalbassbass is an edit of nico_oas' Invisible Road mod that was previously released. To give it a future vibe, the creator added lights with the road editor so the outlines appear.

It should be noted that the lights only appear when elevated mode is enforced when creating roads. So, players will want to use the fine road tool in order to ensure that bridge mode doesn't activate when building high air roads.

Check out this video by the mod’s creator to see how Air Rods changes Cities: Skyline:

PC Cities: Skylines players can download the Air Roads mod on its official Steam Workshops page.

Tyler Treese October 15, 2018