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New Stealth-Horror Title Unholy Comes Under Fire Due to Madmind Association

Duality Games’ new title will have to work even harder to escape from Madmind Studios’ shadow

The in-development stealth-horror title Unholy is in hot water with gamers after a partnership with Madmind Studios, developers of the controversial title Agony, was found. Though it is stated that Duality Games is the developer of this title, there are those who still do not trust the link with Madmind Studios. Agony, the game that Madmind Studios is known for, was hyped up to be something special in the stealth-horror genre but released with performance issues and with many of its features censored.

At the start of this confusing series of events, gamers noticed that Unholy was being published by Playway S.A., the same publishers behind Agony. Muddling matters even further, the actual developers of Agony, Madmind Studios, were also listed as a publisher. Afterwards, Tomek Dutkiewicz of Madmind Studio put out several statements saying how Madmind was only a publisher and would not have any hand in the development of the title. Gamers were not convinced considering how similar Unholy and Agony looked, thinking the studio was perhaps just creating a game under a different name in order to escape their stained past. At some point, both Madmind and Playway were removed from the Steam page as publishers on Unholy and that is how it stands today.

Whether or not this is a ruse from Madmind or just an unfortunate association Duality stumbled into is unknown at this point. Though undoubtedly, there will be those watching this title and the actions of its developers very closely from now on.

You can check out the Unholy trailer below:

Corey Gavaza October 19, 2018