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Live3D Allows Users to Embody Custom Anime Characters


The beta is available for free, but it's only in Chinese at the moment

A new animation and modeling program on Steam will let players play out their anime dreams. Called Live3D, the program allows players to become a virtual character by using their own webcam. It's meant to be an open creation platform, so users can place their own characters, backgrounds, and props into the software.

In addition to real-time face tracking via webcam, the software also supports Apple iPhone X and there's even full body motion capture available if they own Perception Neuron by Noitom. Currently the software comes with dozens of preset body animations that can be customized, objects and weapons that characters can hold, and 3D background scenes. Players will be able to customize all of these objects, and then set keyboard shortcuts to activate the custom elements.

To see what Live3D can do when you own the full body motion capture Perception Neuron by Noitom gear, check out the video below:

Live3D is available now on Steam for free. Those that look to use the software for monetization over $500 per month will need to purchase Live3D Pro, which can be done by contacting the developer.

Tyler Treese October 19, 2018