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Project Warlock is an Ode to Classic First-Person Shooters


Taking inspiration from DOOM and Wolfenstein, this FPS features 60 levels

Fans that are looking for a classic styled first-person shooter are in for a treat with Project Warlock. The newly released action game just came out on PC, and it's a throwback to the early 90s when DOOM and Wolfenstein ruled the shooter landscape. It features a familiar perspective, as it looks like the shooters of yesteryear, but has an updated cel-shaded look that really helps the action stand out.

There are over 60 levels included within Project Warlock, and there are boss fights placed periodically through the game's five worlds. In total, there are 72 different enemies and developer Buckshot has added some modern elements such as character perks, weapon upgrades, and an unlockable spell system. This makes sure it's not treading purely on nostalgia.

Check out the action packed launch trailer for Project Warlock below:

Those that are interested can purchase Project Warlock for $12.00 on its official GOG page.

Tyler Treese October 19, 2018