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Amazon Developed MMO New World Gets New Screens

Check out the new location of Weaver's Fen

Amazon Game Studios' Orange County office has been hard at work developing a new massively multiplayer online game, and now they are starting to draw back the curtains on it. Called New World, the title has hundreds of players fighting over possession of a mysterious land filled with new settlers. The latest batch of screens show off a new location called Weaver's Fen.

The location features some interesting looking stone statues, and implies a greater lore to the mysterious continent that the game takes place within. Last month, the studio also showed off a location called Brightwood on Twitter. As the name suggests, it’s a heavily wooded area and the screens don’t show much more than a peaceful looking forest. It remains to be seen what all players can do within the sandbox world.

Check out both of the new screenshots for New World’s Weaver’s Fen location below:

New World is currently in development for PC. Those that want to get to play it early can sign up for the MMO's alpha test over at the official website.

Tyler Treese November 5, 2018