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Hitman Developers Open Up About Launch, Features, and Future Plans

IO Interactive recently held an AMA where they discussed their upcoming title Hitman 2 and some of the changes this title will bring

Hitman 2 is mere days away and hype is high. In order to capitalize on this and to answer a few questions fans had, IO Interactive went onto Reddit and hosted an AMA, just like Cyanide Studio did recently. There was lots of discussion and the team answered most questions in a frank and direct way. We managed to condense some of their answers to a few main points.

On the launch of the game

Hitman 2 will be available to Gold and Collector’s Edition customers at 10pm PST/7pm CET on November 9th. Regular customers will be able to download it at those same times on November 13th. There was a bit of contention in the comments over the lack of preloading. As it stands, after the launch of the title, there will still be a lengthy amount of time dedicated to downloading the 40+ GB title.

On features and differences from Season 1

Answering the many community pleas, the team went into detail on the animation for Agent 47’s sniper rifle. The animation will include him pulling the rifle out of a briefcase and tightening segments for use. In other gameplay news, foliage stealth has been added to many of the maps, including legacy maps. The team talked about their two-player Ghost mode, speculating that it may end up getting extended for more players in the future as well, though this is not set in stone. And despite fan theorizing, the team confirmed that lighting-based stealth is not a feature in Hitman 2.

On future plans

The team states they are ‘’super focused’’ on the launch and future support of Hitman 2 at the moment. Though for future Hitman titles, the team expressed interest in exploring more interaction with NPCs, where you can talk to them in order to prove your innocence in a crime or in order to gain access to an area. The team wants to pursue ‘’systemic parts’’ where you’ll have to ‘’build up a chain reaction to kill a target, instead of following an opportunity.’’

The team would go on to talk about other topics, describing their interest in a possible NoClip documentary on the development of the recent Hitman titles, talking about a bug where targets would launch up into space upon a headshot, and confirming the absence of dual Ballers from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Until Hitman 2 comes out in a few days, this AMA was a good way to tide over fans salivating for Agent 47’s newest outing.

Corey Gavaza November 7, 2018