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PlayStation Discontinuing Trophy Pass From Sony Rewards Next Year

Players are able to earn money from their trophies

Last year PlayStation added a Trophy Pass program to Sony Rewards that allowed PlayStation Network users to earn store credit by earning trophies in games. For example, 10 Platinum trophies would equate to a $10 credit for the PlayStation Store. However, the program is coming to an end as Sony has discontinued it. Members will no longer be able to unlock a new Trophy Pass going forward, and those that already have a Trophy Pass will be able to continue earning Sony Rewards until November 7, 2019. After that date the program will be permanently done.

The closure of the program comes at an awkward time for Sony, as they have been receiving pushback from their typically loyal fanbase due to their strict content policy. It has seen several games, including the Japanese visual novel Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart, become censored on PlayStation 4, while it released in its original state on other platforms.

While the Trophy Pass program has been discontinued, Sony fans can still earn various rewards (including PlayStation Store credit) by purchasing items and fulfilling various objectives on the Sony Rewards website.

Sony Rewards members that already have an active Trophy Pass can continue unlocking various rewards until November 7, 2019.

Tyler Treese November 12, 2018