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Russian Gamers Outraged By Battlefield V Producer's Statement About USSR Inclusion

David Sirland apologizes for the misunderstanding after enfurious fans start #ApologizeforUSSR flash mob

At a Battlefield V launch event in Stockholm, Sweden, Battlefield V producer David Sirland was asked about a USSR faction being included within the multiplayer shooter that is set in World War II. He answered the question asked by DTF by stating that Russia will be represented ‘’at least as military equipment.’’ He then went on to explain that there's a ‘’small problem with the USSR since it switched sides at least once.’’ Many Russian gamers perceived his statement as saying Russia was part of the Axis during World War II, which they took issue with since it’s an incorrect statement.

Russian Gamers Outraged By Battlefield V Producer's Statement About USSR Inclusion-1
David Sirland, Battlefield V Multiplayer Producer

As such, hundreds of Russian gamers were outraged at the comment and began to organize a flash mob online under the hashtag #ApologizeforUSSR. Take a look at a few Twitter responses below:

Many gamers demanded an apology from David Sirland, and he did just that when he talked to Russian site DTF (which also recently asked the Metro 2033 creator about The Witcher author suing CD Projekt RED). Sirland clarified that he meant ‘’that it would be difficult to put [the USSR] into the theater of military operations which includes the fighting between the Allies and Axis force.’’ He then went on to state that the Soviet Union deserves to have its own faction since it greatly influenced the war. He then went on to say that his words were supposed to be a ‘’big compliment’’ to those wanting to see the USSR in-game, and that it would be an ‘’extreme simplification’’ to have the USSR as on the Allies side.

He then apologized to the fans after stating that he didn't mean to offend anyone. ‘’I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, and sorry for making you angry,’’ stated Sirland. During the interview he later confirmed that USSR soldiers and vehicles will be in Battlefield V, and that the USSR's inclusion might become one way to continue attracting players to the game after release.

During the original interview, Sirland was also asked if there will be a USSR map in the game. ‘’You'll get to know about it later,’’ answered Sirland. ‘’Of course we want to use the maps in increasing the gamers' interest rates. It concerns the USSR, Americans, and Japanese.’’ He went on to state that if they were released now they would be less detailed than the other maps, and that they hope to work on them after the game is out and then be able to ‘’show the difference between the equipment of each country.’’

Tyler Treese November 12, 2018