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Mutant Year Zero's Deluxe Edition Gives Immediate Access To Beta Version

You can start playing the tactical adventure game today

Mutant Year Zero’s pre-orders just went live on their official website, and it allows PC players to start playing the game today if they don’t mind paying extra. Here are the perks that players will get from pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition: a three day head start on the game as they'll get access prior to the official launch, immediate access to a beta version, and access to an exclusive forum for beta participants.Everyone that buys the $54.99 package will also get a desktop wallpaper, soundtrack, digital artbook, and a digital pen-and-paper RPG book in addition to the full PC game.

However, those that just want the game itself and don't mind waiting until the official December 4, 2018 release date can pick up Mutant Year Zero for just $34.99. There are some pre-order bonuses for that version as well, as they will get a three day head start on access to the title.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden will release December 4, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those that pre-order will be able to get into the game three days early, while PC gamers that pick up the deluxe edition can start playing now.

Tyler Treese November 14, 2018