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Developers of Skyrim Mod Enderal — The Shards of Order Talk The Future of The Mod, DLC and Books

The developers of the total conversion mod for Skyrim talk its upcoming DLC, a spin-off novel, future plans and much more

The Elder Scrolls titles are well known for having an active modding community, and one of the most popular total conversion mods is Enderal — The Shards of Order. The project by developer SureAI released two years ago, and project lead Nicolas Lietzau gave an interview to Nexus Mods about the future of the mod, the Forgotten Stories DLC, and much more. We prepared a brief rendering of the interview

What Separates it from Skyrim

Lietzau says that Enderal's focus on storytelling separates it from the Bethesda's title it is built off of. ‘’We value emotions, believable characters, and profound themes,’’ said the project lead. As such, the 60+ hour story is more linear, but it's able to tell a story that is in the psychological horror realm.

Using an Experience System

Unlike Skyrim, which allows players to gain skills by doing actions, Enderal features a traditional experience system that has players investing experience points into stats. This design choice was made since it gives the developers more control over player progression. ‘’[It] allows us to balance encounters and challenges a lot better,’’ revealed Nicolas. He also chose to tweak the skill-based perk system into a class system for a similar reason.

Learning from Their Last Total Conversion Mod

Lietzau and his team had previously done Nehrim: At Fate's Edge, and he said that the experience helped Enderal's development. He said their first project almost failing due to being overly ambitious taught them to ‘’think big, but stay reasonable.’’ As such, it was much easier to divvy up work in a smart way with that experience in hand. ‘’[I learned to] never entrust new team members with important tasks right away.’’

The Forgotten Stories DLC

The first major DLC for Enderal is on the way called Forgotten Stories. It's mainly comprised of content that was cut from the game initially due ‘’to time reasons.’’ This includes two guild questlines that focus on a merchant's guild called the Golden Sickele and a cult called the Rhâlata. Additionally, there are 12 side-quests that will expand the fiction and help tie up some loose ends in the original story. Gameplay additions will also be made as new classes have been added and there are hundreds of bug fixes.

See the DLC teaser below:

A Spin-off Novel is Being Written

In addition to the game, Lietzau is working on an episodic novel called Dreams of the Dying. It focuses on one of Enderal's main characters, the mercenary Jespar. It takes place in the tropical island of Kilè, and the character is ‘’hired to uncover the cause of a strange, preternatural coma the country’s richest man has fallen into.’’ The first chapter of the book will be released when the Forgotten Stones DLC is out.

Being on Steam

Enderal is now available on Steam for players to download. This makes installing the mod easier than ever, as it’s a simple process that only takes one click. It also adds in achievements to the RPG.

Why It Won't Come to Skyrim Special Edition Soon

While the conversion mod currently supports the original Skyrim and the Legendary Edition, it won't be coming to Skyrim Special Edition just yet. Lietzau explains that they simply don't have the time to patch all of the versions. It's unfortunate as they admit that the benefits ‘’would be substantial, not only concerning graphics but also performance.’’

However, once the final patch is released for the Forgotten Stories DLC, the studio is considering bringing it to Special Edition.

Tyler Treese November 14, 2018