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Fallout: NV Mod Sees Todd Howard and Pete Hines Crucified

The just-for-fun mod pokes fun at Bethesda’s heads by including them in the game

This odd modification by modders Keylancer13 and Rexus3 adds character models for Howard and Hines, Bethesda’s president and vice-president. They’re included as part of the roster of people who are crucified by Caesar's Legion within the game. The two can be found hanging out at Cottonwood Cove, Pete in Nipton.

Given the mod’s gruesome nature, the developers found it necessary to provide a humorous defense in the form of a tweet reference to Hines having said:

Presumably, they’re implying that the mod is to be taken as a joke with no hateful substance behind it.

Viktor Zafirovski November 27, 2018