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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition for Android Now Supports PC Crossplay

You can now merge your save files from both versions and play the same character across both platforms

Developer Beamdog seems to have been doing a great job picking up where Bioware left off, with all the improvements they’ve brought to the original Neverwinter Nights. On top of the already impressive rework of the original title, they’re continually improving the experience for both old and new players. This latest addition to the Android version of the game allows you to play your PC characters on your phone and vice versa.

While the game itself has been modified for mobile screens, it might still be wiser to save this experience for larger tablets, but the principle is impressive nonetheless – when you leave your game station you can continue the adventure on the go.

See the trailer below in case you have skipped it:

If you’ve tried the Enhanced Edition on PC and on Android, the developers kindly requested feedback through this brief form. If you’re a true fan, you should probably drop them a response. It’s likely they’re trying to gather accurate information on the types of devices fans play Neverwinter Nights on, to better optimize the game in the future.

Viktor Zafirovski November 28, 2018