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The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 Released

The popular Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms mod gets an update

One of the most popular mods for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms brings the many factions of The Elder Scrolls into the strategy game. Featuring over 20 different factions, The Elder Scrolls: Total War has found quite the audience online, and now an updated version is available to download. The 1.6 version of the mod adds new sprites for the House Dagoth and Black Marsh factions, and a new cavalry unit for Cyrodiil Empre among other small changes.

Also new to this version of The Elder Scrolls: Total War are many changes to the campaign. This means new settlement models for both Ashlanders and House Telvanni, a new spy model for Black Marsh, and a modified terrain for Black Marsh that features dense forests. As far as artificial intelligence changes go, both the Aldmeri Dominion and Cyrodiil Empire have become more aggressive. Meanwhile, the House Dagoth faction is less aggressive. Additionally, new architecture for Orcs, Telvanni and Valenwood have been added.

Previously modders have released The End of the Third Era trailer:

As far as bug fixes go, the bug where Oblivion and Undead units crush has been fixed. Additionally, the Skaal script for Telvanni has been improved and the collision error surrounding the Ald'Ruhn has been fixed.

To download The Elder Scrolls: Total War, players must own Medieval II: Total War — Kingdoms. It can be downloaded over at the official ModDB page for the game.

Tyler Treese December 3, 2018