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Command and Conquer: Rivals Hits App Store and Google Play

The epic series gets a multiplayer ready title on iOS and Android devices

Following up on the June announcement of Command and Conquer: Rivals, the title has finally hit stores on both Android and iOS. Originally we had a brief look at the game at E3 2018, but now that the full game is out, we can see that fans are reacting somewhat positively to what the title has to offer.

Command and Conquer: Rivals Hits App Store and Google Play-1

The game appears to be optimized for mobile combat, and boasts multiplayer capabilities in one-on-one matches. Further, we seem to be getting a lot of Command and Conquer styled visuals and effects, wrapped in a mobile friendly interaction interface. There’s some form of grid system across the battlefield that makes issuing commands easier, but the game is still a real time strategy.

Fan reviews of the game seem to vary quite a bit. On the one hand the game boasts 4.4 on the AppStore and 3.8 on Google Play. However, there are quite a few low reviews specifically complaining about the buggy nature of the game, and some even claiming the game is unoriginal calling it ‘well polished, boring version of Clash Royale’. Perhaps this might not be a worthwhile sequel to the Command and Conquer series, but if you’re a fan of mobile strategy games you should give it a shot nonetheless.

Viktor Zafirovski December 4, 2018