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Apple Removes Slitherine’s Afghanistan 11 From the App Store

Apple states they removed the politically accurate strategy game from their platform due to inappropriate political content

It’s difficult to avoid controversy in an ever-growing and extremely saturated video game market, but Apple are certainly making efforts to clean up their platform. The recent reduction from their lineup, Slitherine’s ‘’Afghanistan 11’’ was removed from the App Store due to it portraying ‘’people from a specific government or other real entity as the enemies’’. Ian McNeil of Slitherine tweeted his distaste and disagreement regarding Apple’s decision.

While Apple’s accusation is factual – Afghanistan 11 does indeed portray political clashes between two real world modern countries, there’s a lot of grey area controversy in the air. Namely, most of Slitherine’s titles are historically accurate depictions of real world events, with gameplay that allows the player to both experience a bit of recent history as well as play within the realistic scenarios.

McNeil implied that he believes that the real life political controversy is part and parcel of ‘’realistic games’’, and is thus unavoidable. Regardless, as of yet Apple’s shown no inclination of reneging on their removal of the video game, however the game remains available on other platforms, such as PC through Steam.

Viktor Zafirovski December 6, 2018