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Gone Home is Coming to iOS This December

The Fullbright Company’s indie smash hit is coming to iOS next week

Gone Home has garnered over a dozen impressive awards since its initial release in 2013, including several ‘’best game of the year’’ awards from sites like Killscreen and Polygon. Soon the game is coming out on iOS, adapted by iOS developers Annapurna Interactive. Given that the game was established as a well fleshed out title over five years ago, we’re expecting a smooth transition onto iOS devices.

See the App Store Announcement Trailer below:

If you haven’t yet played the game you should know that it is a very narrative driven, first person experience. There’s no action to speak of, so the game flows very much like a short story that you get to explore yourself.

The game is already available on every platform under the sun, including PC, the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. With the iOS release, Gone Home will be available to almost all gamers in the world, and if you’re a fan of narrative driven first person games, critics agree that you should definitely give it a try. The game is already listed on the App Store, with a firm December 11th deadline, as confirmed by the original developers.

Viktor Zafirovski December 6, 2018