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Strange Sims-like Image Spotted in Fallout 2 Manual

A fan has shared an unusual finding he made in the official manual to Fallout 2 which shows unused models

A Fallout fan has posted on Fandom (the original post is in Russian though) a strange finding he discovered in Fallout 2 manual after purchasing the game on Steam. The strange image he found is in Appendix 7 on page 156 of the manual, which outlines ‘The Big One Pancake’ recipe.

The screenshot below the recipe seems to be showing a pre-war house and two people wearing civilian clothes. While pre-war objects like a hydrant and lamp posts could be met in the Wasteland, the house and people models were never found in the game. As the fan suggests, Black Isle could have deliberately put a screenshot with unused models in the manual.

Check out the screenshot below:

Strange Sims-like Image Spotted in Fallout 2 Manual-1

The other, quite loose theory is that the image could somehow be a reference to The Sims, which released a year later. For instance, one of Fallout 2 developers could have been working on both projects at the same time and either took the models from the life simulator or simply used them as a joke or Easter Egg. However, as The Sims Fandom community responds, the screenshot is unlikely to have anything to do with the EA game as the styles differ a lot from each other.

The image could, in fact, have no hidden meaning, but fans are sure to produce more theories.

Ostrog January 5, 2019