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Catherine Classic Port Developers Use Fan Made Tools

As spotted by fans, the PC version of Catherine contains third-party software which was probably used in the porting process and was not removed, unused files and and an old Atlus logo

The PC port of 2011 puzzle platformer Catherine was released yesterday, however, some fans have already discovered traces of the developers’ work which include using fan-created programs, naming their workspace ‘’perv’’, and leaving and old logo.

A fan-made tool CriPakTools was found in the game files. The program is used to work with .cpk archives developed by CRI Middleware, which often collaborates with Sega and Atlus. This way, it is likely that the team might have used it and forgot to remove source code of the tool from the files as well as the readme file.

Another user suggested that the interface of Catherine Classic was simply upscaled to 4K via another tool, waifu2x. This might be proved by the artifacts common to waifu2x and the files having ‘’2x’’ in the name. The tools is allowed for commercial use, though.

Speaking of the game size, which is approximately 13 GB, it is explained by a number of duplicate files, including some screens left by the team:

Catherine Classic was released on Steam on January 10. The enhanced version with new content, Catherine: Full Body, is coming to PlayStation 4 on February 14, while the PS Vita version release date is still to be determined.

Ostrog January 11, 2019