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Cloud Strife's Fully Customizable 'Another Form' Action Figure Coming This Summer

This July, a brand new and unique Cloud Strife action figure, coupled with many customizable parts, hits online shelves

Famed figurine producers Bring Arts, known for their many plastic renditions of Square Enix characters, have recently announced an all new Cloud Strife figurine, based on his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He brandishes his legendary (and bandaged) Buster Sword, while wearing a golden claw on his left hand, similar to the one worn by his long time friend Vincent Valentine.

And of course, the figurine comes with a single black demonic wing that can replace one portion of his otherwise all-red cape. Beyond that there aren’t that many swappable parts, except for two different pairs of hands, for different poses. The action figure boasts the same articulated structure that Bring Arts are famous for, meaning that you could easily pose Cloud into various positions for photos and decorative purposes.

The action figure is currently available for pre-order at $89.99, though it will be arriving in July of 2019.

Cloud Strife's Fully Customizable 'Another Form' Action Figure Coming This Summer-10

And, for true diehard fans, Bring Arts have also put together the ‘’AF Var. SQEX’’ version of the action figure, which is a limited edition variant at the same $89.99 price point, but comes with an additional head that has Cloud in a downward brooding position with his eyes closed.

Viktor Zafirovski January 21, 2019