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Devil May Cry 5 and Borderlands GOTY PS4 Trophy Lists Leaked

User DeftonesBandPSN shared the Trophy Lists for the upcoming Capcom slasher and Gearbox roleplay first-person shooter, which has not been officially announced yet

Redditor DeftonesBandPSN has shared the Devil May Cry 5 PS4 Trophy List he’s got hold of. The game lists 49 trophies in total: 40 Bronze, 5 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum.

See the achievements below:

DeftonesBandPSN has also posted screenshots showing the yet unannounced Borderlands Game of The Year Edition Trophy List, which includes 81 trophies:

Earlier, DeftonesBandPSN revealed trophy lists for Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2 and Ace Combat 7, which makes the information credible.

Devil May Cry 5 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 8 while Borderlands Game of The Year Edition for PlayStation 4 still has to be confirmed.

Ostrog February 5, 2019