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Metro Series Author Addresses PC Gamers Asking Them Not to Betray Deep Silver and 4A Games

Dmitry Glukhovsky apologizes for the situation around Metro Exodus and hopes fans will accept the publisher’s decision

Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of the Metro books, recoded a video in which he adresses the recent scandals connected with Metro Exodus leaving Steam for Epic Games Store and asks fans to be sympathetic about the situation.

See the video below:

The author apologizes for disappointing the fans who were expecting to buy the game on Steam and were misled by the publisher’s move. Glukhovsky says that the decision about Epic Games Store belongs to Deep Silver and Koch Media, who fully financed the game and made it possible, and neither he nor 4A Games have anything to do about it. He also thanks 4A Games who helped him bring the Metro universe to the video game format. Glukhovsky concludes the video asking fans not to betray them just like they always stayed faithful to the players.

Earlier, the author has already shared his views regarding the situation:

A few days before that, a 4A Games developer published a post defending the game and criticizing those who boycott Metro Exodus. He stated that the ongoing protest may force the developers to ‘’leave’’ the PC platform. This was dismissed by Deep Silver and 4A Games in the official statement.

Metro Exodus release is just round the corner as it’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 15.

Ostrog February 7, 2019