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Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator Is All About Snow, Booze and Killing Wolves With a Chainsaw

What starts like a classic train simulator turns out to be a crazy survival game set in the vast freezing lands of Siberia

Indie studio Pentacle has revealed a trailer for Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator — an ambitious locomotive driver simulator with survival and crafting elements. The game features classic Russian trains and an interactive environment with dynamic weather and Day\Night cycle. Players not only control the locomotive but also have to repair it and even go outside to deal with obstacles.

Enjoy the beautiful Siberian winter below:

And a few screenshots that depict Siberian nature and locomotives:

Earlier, Pentacle has released a psychological horror game The Works of Mercy, which is rated ‘’mostly negative’’ on Steam. Hopefully, the new project will be more successful.

As of now, Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator has no exact release date and is coming to PC sometime ‘’soon’’.

Ostrog February 8, 2019