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Skyrim Mod Enderal: Forgotten Stories Gets Trailer and Release Date

An entirely new experience, powered by the Skyrim engine, is coming to Steam this February

SureAI, the development team behind total conversion mod Enderal: Forgotten Stories, has confirmed that the title will be arriving to PC later this February. So far, they’ve provided ample screenshots and rumors about the game, but recently we received a full fledged trailer, showcasing what the team have in store for us, Skyrim fans. Check it out below:

Enderal: Forgotten Stories Story Trailer

We covered the devs’ perspectives on Enderal a few months ago, and they described what we could expect from the project in detail. Enderal will be a deeply story driven experience, with gaming elements that were not exactly common throughout Skyrim — at least not in the original release. The devs seem to have made heavy usage of Skyrim’s modability to deliver a unique, next gen experience. While Skyrim’s now dated engine might hold them back somewhat, they seem to have made excellent strides in delivering next gen graphics. Check out some ingame screenshots below:

Modders have been pushing Skyrim’s engine limitations for over a decade now and SureAI seem to be standing on their proverbial shoulders, in terms of quality and depth.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories will be available on Steam on February 14.

Viktor Zafirovski February 11, 2019