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Sony Launches Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkman and Headphones

Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice — limited edition merchandise is on the way

Sony has graced fans of the Kingdom Hearts series with a limited edition set of headphones and the already famous Series A Walkman, in a Kingdom Hearts 3 design. Featuring main character Sora sitting crowned upon a throne of his own, the walkman has this design etched in monochrome across the surface. The headphones similarly sport a monochromatic mix of emblems and symbols from the game.

Check them both out below:

The Walkman is essentially the standard NW-A55, boasting 16GB of storage space for your playlists and costing $263. The headphones on the other hand are the wireless WH-H800 set, priced at $226, which is a fair markup given the limited edition design they come with. They’re both available for purchase on the official Japanese Sony website right now.

Viktor Zafirovski February 11, 2019