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Claire Redfield See-Through Noir Costume Now Available

Modders are hard at work churning out one costume mod after another, for the RE2 remake

If you enjoy the Noir costume for Claire in Resident Evil 2’s remake, but find it’s not quite transparent enough, modder Jimmy AndresRG has got you covered with this new simple to use mod. You can choose between four versions, with or without the noir hat, transparent and even more transparent. Simply download the zip file of your choosing and paste the contents into your game directory.

Henceforth, the Noir costume will be replaced with a more diaphanous alternative. Check out the differences below:

This mod has arrived only a day after the Topless Claire modification that removes Claire’s shirt from her military outfit, giving gamers a good list of choices for lewd outfits for Claire Redfield.

Viktor Zafirovski February 16, 2019