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Phoenix Point Fans Outraged Over Epic Exclusive Launch

The X-COM spiritual successor will be an Epic exclusive for the first 12 months after launch, and fans are livid about the last minute change to what they were promised

Snapshot Games CEO Julian Gollop came out with a video statement regarding the company’s cooperation with Epic Games and how it plays a large part in securing the game’s successful launch and making sure that the process goes smoothly.

Essentially, the game will only be available through Epic during the first year, but for the game’s fundraising backers, this implies that they will receive a free copy through Epic and an additional free copy on Steam or GOG after launch year. Further, they’ll also receive all DLCs in the first year after launch, for free. Backers are still allowed to request a refund, in case they’d like to avoid using Epic’s store entirely.

Snapshot is ensuring players that this move is what’s best for the game and the players alike, but they’ve also clearly stated that they were fully aware that they would fall under heavy criticism, like in a brief Discord statement by the devs stating:

’’Keep in mind that we knew there would be backlash. We knew there would be refunds. If we had to refund 100% of currently pre-orders, we’d still be in the black. We didn’t make the decision lightly.’’

In response to this statement, one Reddit fan had this to say:

‘’I think what makes this particularly galling is how they basically used us backers for an interest-free loan. They took our money, developed to the point where it was mature enough to attract external investors, then totally changed the game plan and fully expect us to withdraw our cash, since they're now out of the high-risk phase of the project that nobody but us actual fans would back and have a mature product that's been guaranteed external funding.

They conned us into lending them the money, and maneuvered it so we'd be sitting on the bill if the development project failed. For a game that sold itself based on community involvement, with backer builds and all, this is just awful.’’

And it’s not simply a matter of Snapshot changing the terms from under people’s noses — fans are genuinely concerned about the quality of Epic’s service. There are now numerous threads on /r/PhoenixPoint documenting the various concerns regarding Epic’s platform, with one in particular centered around the following graph of service differences:

Phoenix Point Fans Outraged Over Epic Exclusive Launch-1

From what we can surmise, Snapshot don’t seem to be worried about the fiscal aspect of profiting on Phoenix Point or keeping the game alive after launch, and it seems their deal with Epic has a lot to do with it. It’s still unclear exactly what percentile of the original funding backers will be refunded, but either way, the upcoming AMA on the official subreddit is sure to be filled with controversial exchanges.

Viktor Zafirovski March 13, 2019