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Square Enix to Replace Pierre Taki in Kingdom Hearts 3 Following His Arrest

Violating Japan’s drug control law leads to Taki’s removal from Japanese developers’ games

Following actor Pierre Taki’s arrest, Square Enix decided to replace him in Kingdom Hearts 3, where he voiced Frozen’s snowman Olaf. The voiceover will be changed via an update. Taki also dubbed the character in Frozen 2, and Disney is considering to change the snowman’s cast.

You can hear Taki’s Olaf in Japanese trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 below:

Pierre Taki was arrested on March 13 for alleged cocaine use, which is punished severely in Japan. Previously, he voiced Kyohei Hamura in Judgment, and Sega announced that it will stop the game’s shipments in Japan.

Ostrog March 14, 2019