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College Students Arrested in India for Playing PUBG

At least 10 youths have officially found themselves behind bars for playing the popular Battle Royale game

Following India’s recent decision to outlaw PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on grounds of it possibly motivating violent behavior, Indian youths are now finding themselves being arrested for playing the game on their phones. The Rajkot City police recently posted an official announcement on Twitter regarding the status of both the mobile and the PC version of the game being outright illegal. Check it out below:

The most recent victims of this unusual jurisprudence are six college students who were arrested in the city of Rajkot this past Tuesday for playing the game on their phones in public places. There’s also a report of a separate case of three young men being arrested for flaunting PUBG in the vicinity of RCPD headquarters. The official count, as revealed by Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal is 12 individual cases of illegal PUBG gameplay, and it appears that that list will continue to grow.

The responses to the above tweet by the RCPD are littered with disgruntled citizens who seem to believe that the law is an outright violation of civil liberties. One user stated:

Others argued that banning a video game title should be more a matter of removing access to the game rather than arresting people for playing it.

Whatever the case, the current climate regarding PUBG in India has users risking a bailable offense — meaning that all the arrested parties were released on bail, though they will still receive their day in court and face charges.

It is currently unclear whether the recent regulation will lead to PUBG completely disappearing in India, or whether the state will have to reform the legal practices for curbing the game among its citizens.

Viktor Zafirovski March 14, 2019