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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Release date: October 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: A Prescription for Discovery

Odyssey’s protagonist goes to Argolis to meet Hippokrates and learn something about his mother

At Perikles symposium, the main character of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey received three clues about the possible location of his mother. Euripides advised the protagonist to visit the famous physician Hippokrates, who opened a hospital in Argolis, a region that is located near Attika.

First Do No Harm

Get on board Adrestia and sail to Argolis, a region that is located to the south-west from Attika. Upon arrival at Nauplia harbor, head towards Argos. Hippokrates’ hospital is located on the north-east of the settlement. You’ll be notified by the game when you come close enough.

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Having arrived at the clinic, you will witness a dispute between Hippokrates’ assistant Sostratos and Chrysis, the priestess of Hera. The latter accuses the famous doctor of disrespect to gods and promises to deal with him if he does not publicly apologize for his beliefs – Hippokrates believes that medicine is much more effective than prayers.

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When the quick-tempered woman leaves the scene, talk to Sostratos – as you have already noticed, Hippokrates is not present at the site. He left to help the sick to the south-east of the Hera’s Watch. Since you are also going there, you’ll be asked to take some tools with you and give them to the doctor. Before you agree, you can bargain some money for your effort.

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Go to the quest indicator on the south-east – it will lead you to Cave of Pan, near which Hippokrates arranged a hospital. According to the doctor, at the time Myrrine could have visited Argolis, he was too young, so the mother of Alexios/Kassandra turned to Asklepius’ priests for help.

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In addition, the commander of Tiryns fort took Hippokrates’ medical notes. Without them, the doctor cannot help a dying patient. If you return the documents, you’ll get the support of the famous doctor. Before you leave, you can clarify the details of the next two storyline missions.

The Doctor Will See You Now

As the life of one of the patients depends on whether you’ll be able to get Hippokrates’ medical notes in time, we’ll first head to Tiryns fort. It is located in the northern region of Ancient Ruins Of Perseus, to the south-east of Argos. Once you are close enough to your place of destination, call Icaros and find your target.

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The main healer of the fort – a man named Dymas, who allegedly has Hippokrates’ notes – is currently operating his patient in a small building. Despite the abundance of guards, it is not difficult to get to the building unnoticed.

One of the reserve entrances in the fort is located in close proximity to your target. There’ll be no one there except for a guard who stands near a tiny wooden fence. Eliminate the soldier stealthily – the easiest way to do it is to use Devastating Shot while standing outside the fort.

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Load the recently saved game to ‘’reset’’ enemies’ routes and get rid of the chasers who chase you

Go to the door marked by the quest indicator and open it. Be careful: the game will not let you meet Dymas if guards actively search for the hero – in such moments, a question mark appears over their heads – or if the fort is in the state of alarm.

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Alexios/Kassandra will find Dymas during his operation – he is not going to save Hippokrates’ patient by sacrificing his own one. In addition, the important records have been burned during a recent fire, but Dymas had the time to learn them by heart so, theoretically, he can help. We won’t keep the intrigue – you cannot save both patients, so you’ll have to choose.

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If you are not in a mood to wait for Dymas to finish his operation, you can simply knock him out (the option ‘’You’re coming with me right now’’). In this scenario, you’ll have to drag the temporarily unconscious doctor to the Hippokrates’ camp. Leave the body at the entrance to the building and get rid of patrolmen who could have appeared while you were inside.

Having cleared the way to exit (you can get away from the chase with the cargo on your shoulder, but we have chosen the silent way), take Dymas and rush beyond the walls of the fortress. Once outside, call Phobos and place the body on his back so that you do not have to carry Dymas, and then ride to the camp of the famous doctor.

The good news is that Hippokrates’ patient will survive. The bad news is that we can’t say the same about Dymas’ patient. This result can also be achieved by buying the conscience of Tiryns fort doctor for 10000 drachmas (the option ‘’I could pay you’’). However, if there’s no difference, why pay more? The only benefit in this case is that you won’t have to carry Dymas – he’ll go on his own legs.

The alternative way to resolve the situation with Dymas is to wait. In this case, you’ll get access to three more scenarios. The two lower ones lead to the death of Dymas’ patient (forced or not, respectively) and the subsequent dragging of the doctor to Hippokrates’ camp.

The option ‘’I’ll go get it’’ will unlock another task inside the fortress – you’ll need to find forceps that Dymas needs for the operation. The tool is contained in the chest at the opposite end of the fort and is guarded, depending on your luck, by a polemarch, or an ordinary soldier, or several opponents.

If you cannot kill the guard on the spot and you have to start an open fight, you won’t be able to avoid alarm in most cases. Thus, we advise clearing the area from soldiers before you try to get the forceps. In this scenario, no one will hear the noise.

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Having obtained the forceps, return to Dymas – do not forget that you should not be noticed along the way or you won’t be allowed to the operating room – and hand him the tool. After some time, his work will be finished, and the healer will voluntarily agree to meet with Hippokrates.

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When you return to the famous doctor, you’ll find out that while you helped Dymas or investigated the activities of Asklepios’ priests, Hippokrates’ patient has not survived. Interestingly, depending on the reason for Alexios/Kassandra being late, two slightly different scenes may develop.

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Whatever fate awaits Hippokrates’ patient, the famous doctor will share some information about Myrrine. In short, Hippokrates’ was too young at that time and did not know how to help this Spartan woman who came with the crippled baby – the protagonist’s sister/brother – so he sent her to Asklepios’ priests.

The end of the conversation depends on the order in which you decided to perform Hippokrates’ tasks. If you have chased the records first, the doctor will simply send the protagonist to Asklepios priests. If you first chased the priests, he will recall a man named Dolops, who dealt with orphans all his life and who may have some information about Myrrine.

The Priests of Asklepios

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The priests of Asklepios, who may know something about a Spartan woman who came to them many years ago, ‘’live’’ in the eponymous sanctuary in the center of the Valley of Dreams. To advance along the storyline, you will need to help only a specific priest, but for the full context we advise you to complete all three related quests.

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As only one of these quests is de-facto a main one, the information about the other two could be found in the corresponding section of our guide. Go west to the nameless priest – he and his colleagues are threatened by Chrysis for the conversations with the ‘’eagle bearer’’, so the protagonist won’t be able to get information for free.

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No medication helps the sick kid, a sacrifice is required. The priest needs a beast for the ritual – in the nearby ruins, you’ll be able to find a suitable bull with a snow-white skin. The hero needs to bring the sacred animal alive.

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Having agreed to help, you activate an additional task called A Heart for a Head. By the time Alexios/Kassandra gets to the specified location, the bull will be already dead (you can’t save the animal). You just have to cut the heart out of his chest – the second-best option – and bring the organ to the priest.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: A Prescription for Discovery-16

The task is complicated by bandits who are walking around the animal’s corpse. Many of them patrol the location one by one, which makes them an easy target for surprise attacks and accurate shots from the bow. There’s plenty of high grass and other natural shelters out there, so you should not be detected by the bandits.

In case you also want to eliminate the bandit leader – he stands far away from action and does not bother anyone – you should first deal with all other enemies in the area. You need to deal with the leader only after you have cleared the location because you will not be able to kill him with the first blow, so noise is inevitable.

Having obtained the bull’s heart, return to the priest. Due to the fact that the hero has only partially fulfilled the task assigned to him, the sacrifice will only save one person out of three: a sick girl, a peasant-breadwinner or a rich widow. Your choice will not affect the further development of the story.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: A Prescription for Discovery-19

Regardless of your decision, the priest will tell you what he knows about Myrrine: he was not present at those times, but if someone knows anything about the desperate Spartan mother who came to the sanctuary, it should be the elder priest Mydon. At this point, the current mission will end, and you will get a rare spear and several thousand experience points.

Speak No Evil

Mydon, the priest who cut off his tongue after the tragedy with Myrrine, spends all his free time in the guest house with his servants. Despite the relatively peaceful name of the building, it is guarded so be careful.

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If you wish, you can eliminate every single guard – they stand one by one, on a sufficient distance from each other – but in practice it will be enough to eliminate only the guard who is guarding the door to Mydon in the courtyard. In order to stealthily neutralize the enemy, climb on the roof and use your bow or rush assassination skill.

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Having killed the guard or the whole garrison, you are ready to go inside. The absence of the tongue does not prevent Mydon from being popular with women – the hero will see the gray-haired priest with a maid who will immediately say that Mydon became dumb because of Chrysis rather than on his own will.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: A Prescription for Discovery-22

Ask the silent priest about the circumstances of that fateful night. In the end, the hero will conclude that Chrysis wanted to hide the death of the baby brought by Myrrine, but this was not the case. The child survived, but his mother was told the opposite. Eventually, Chrysis took the child.

The end of the conversation depends on which Hippokrates’ quest you completed first. If it was The Priests of Asklepios, neither the servant nor Mydon will tell anything to the hero, fearing the wrath of the priestess of Hera. If it was The Doctor Will See You Now, the servant will lead the protagonist straight to Chrysis, who is a member of the Cult of Kosmos.

Anyway, you’ll get several thousand experience points and a rare staff for the completion of this mission.

A Herald of Murder

You will get this quest only if you went to rescue Hippokrates’ medical notes after you have seen the priests of Asklepios and Mydon with his servant. Dolops, who was mentioned by Hippokrates, lives in Epidauros in the north of the region Kingdom of Hope.

Dolops will react to you knocking at his door but will not talk about the fateful night – allegedly, someone is trying to kill him - on the way home, the priest was attacked by an unknown man in a black cloak, and now Dolops wants to find out who this man was. There are two suspects – a neighbor and a landowner.

Go the crime scene, to a neighboring yard, and inspect the evidence. A piece of expensive armor is lying on the ground. A knife that is stuck next to the cart clearly belonged to a peasant, while the charges of the alleged witnesses are equally divided between the villager and the landowner.

Next, tell Dolops about your conclusion. Let’s not waste our time – the killer is the landowner. If you accuse and kill a neighbor, the priest will be dead by the time you return to him. You’ll only have to open the chest next to the corpse and learn about the true Chrysis’ essence.

The alternative option is to accuse the landowner. Head to his villa and clear the yard from the soldiers. The unsuspecting landlord will wander around his office at the first floor. Sneak up to the killer from the back and attack suddenly, then return to Dolops who will be healthy and, most importantly, alive.

The priest will tell that he is the son of Chrysis, but she has hidden him because of the fear of being dishonored. Meanwhile, the mother was recruiting babies for Kosmos Cult and did other things that are not appropriate for a parent.

The hero will thank Dolops for the information and will head to the statue of Apollo where the cultist decided who of the children will live and who will not. At the exit from the house, you’ll get several thousands experience points and a rare axe.

Ashes to Ashes

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Regardless of how the protagonist found out that Chrysis is a Kosmos Cult member, you need to get to the forest altar of Apollo as soon as possible. The sanctuary you need is located in the southeastern part of the Valley of Dreams, immediately to the south of the military camp.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: A Prescription for Discovery-24

Having arrived at the site, you will only find a bloody corpse of a bird, but also hear a baby crying in the distance. Run to the sound that will lead the hero to a small temple, but do not rush to get close to it: two armored cultists with shields are located on both sides of the entrance to the temple.

Do not let them catch you off guard and be the first one to attack, striking suddenly or using your bow for an accurate and, preferably, devastating shot. If you have been at a sufficient number of synchronization points, you can set Icaros to attack one of the sectarians while you deal with the other one.

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When both soldiers are dead, go inside the temple where you will meet Chrysis with a baby. After a short conversation, in which the priestess will admit that she raised the surviving sister/brother of the protagonist, she will set the building on fire and give you a choice: save an innocent child or chase her.

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If you decide to save the child, just go to the baby after the end of cutscene and take him in your arms – the protagonist will run out of the burning temple, and the mother of the rescued child will await you there. Despite the hero’s assurance of the contrary, the naïve woman will still believe that Chrysis helped the baby to survive.

In this case, the cultist will disappear in the unknown direction. However, do not worry – a side quest Death Comes for Us, which will appear on the map after this mission, will allow you to hunt down and kill the evil priestess.

If you decide to chase Chrysis, be prepared for the attacks of wild animals – this part of Argolis is full of them. The cultist herself may become a victim of animals – in this case, you’ll just have to finish her off after eliminating attacking beasts.

Having caught Chrysis, you will fulfill her plan of turning the main character into a murderer. Just in the last couple of minutes, the protagonist has claimed two lives – an innocent baby and a cultist guilty of all sins. Throwing the last threat, Alexios/Kassandra will cut the priestess’ throat.

Whatever you choose – kill Chrysis or save the baby – you’ll get something besides several thousands experience points from your visit to Argolis. First, cultists turned you sister/brother into a killing machine. Second, Myrrine does not know that the child she brought to Asklepios’ servants is still alive.