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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Release date: October 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quests Walkthrough: Boeotia

Detailed instruction on finding Athenian champions in order to conquer the region and other side tasks in Boeotia

In this article, we will analyze secondary tasks that can be found in Boeotia region in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Quests are listed in order of their appearance and importance.

Sibling Revenge

  • Given by: Timon
  • Reward: experience points, money, new Adrestia crew member

At a cliff near the harbor of Orchomenos that is located in Kopais lake, a sad man named Timon stands and plays on his mini-harp. Timon is in grief: two warrior sisters, Astra and Deianeira, killed his brother. Now the melancholic musician wants blood.

The name of the second killer – Deianeira – may be familiar to you from the storyline quest The Fall Of Deianeira, in which you had to track down this Athenian champion. Having fulfilled Timon’s request, you will locate your target and significantly weaken her. Let’s go step by step.

Timon wants you to kill only Astra: the musician wants to show Deianeira how it fells like to lose a loved one. Go (by foot or by boat) to the northern shore of the lake where Astra has set up a training camp. In addition to her, you’ll find a few cultist guards there.

There are not many shelters in the protected area, so be ready for an open confrontation. First of all, deal with ordinary fighters, and then proceed to Astra. She uses a halberd in the battle. In long-range fight, she switches to a bow with poisonous arrows, so keep your finger on dodge button.

Having killed Astra, take a necklace and other perks from her corpse and return back to Timon. Give the amulet to the unfortunate guy – you can leave the jewel to yourself, but at this stage of the game you should not suffer from the lack of funds (which means that you do not need to be greedy) and offer him to join your crew.

Regardless of where Timon goes after the end of the quest, he will share information about the location of Deianeira. Most often, she can be found in the Oracle cave under the Reborn Hill.

Brewing Love

  • Given by: Melanippos
  • Reward: experience points, money, rare sword

You will find the thin-looking man named Melanippos in the courtyard of the Thebes gymnasium. He has a problem of a romantic nature: Drakon – the Athenian champion whose death Stentor wants – has someone, and Melanippos wants to get his ‘’golden demigod’’ from the unknown opponent using a love potion.

Melanippos wants to take Drakon’s armor and smear it with the elixir. This means that the warrior will walk without armor – a great help in a battle against such a big opponent. To create the potion, you need a special ingredient that is sold by a specific herbalist.

Go to the south-west of the city – the estate of the healer can bee seen from afar due to the high granary with the red canvas on it. Bandits crowded around the house – kill them and knock on the door. The herbalist will come out of the building. She is ready to part with the right ingredient, but you will need to pay her.

Pay her a thousand drachmas – your attempts to get the ingredient without payment will not work – and return to Melanippos for the reward. You deserve it.

The Stolen Steed

  • Given by: street merchant
  • Reward: experience points, money, rare greaves

A merchant is anxious on the market square of Thebes – soldiers took his beloved horse named Spyro. Without him, the merchant cannot bring oil to Drakon. The steed is held in the Potnies military camp to the north-west of the city.

Having reached the guarded area, decide whether you want to kill all guards before stealing Spyro. The first option will take more time, but the horse will surely be safe. The second option is much faster, but the horse may be mortally wounded during escape, and the quest won’t bring you any benefits.

Everything is clear with the first scenario – stay in high grass, kill enemies with headshots, use ordinary and surprise attacks. The second scenario requires very careful execution. The easiest way to get to the steed is from the side of the lookout tower at the far end of the camp.

Once you are there, kill the guard if he is at his post, and then jump to the ground/patrolman. Sometimes, the soldier rests at the tent near the horse – sneak inside and kill him. After this, get on Spyro, ride to the exit and hope for the best – usually, several seconds pass before the enemies see you.

  • Interesting fact: at the end of the mission, you can get on Spyro and ride into the sunset – the merchant will say nothing

By the time the guards realize that you took the animal right under their noses, the hero and his steed will be far away. Get back to the merchant and give him the horse – he will be very happy. The mission is completed: the jugs with the explosive oil are placed on the arena of your future battle with Drakon.

To be continued…