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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Release date: October 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: Paint it Red

Odyssey’s protagonist goes to Boeotia to prove his loyalty to Archidamos and bring victory in the region to Sparta

One of the orders of Lakonia’s kings that must be done by the main character of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in order to return citizenship to his family is the conquest of Boeotia. Of course, the task will not be limited to territorial achievements.

The Conqueror – Part I

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: Paint it Red-1

Go to Boeotia, a region between Phokis and Attika, and talk to the Spartan polemarch in a military camp marked by the quest indicator. Regardless of your earlier decisions, you will meet Stentor, the adopted son of Nikolaos.

Stentor will not be happy to meet the murderer of his father and will smash Alexios/Kassandra at the face. However, having learned about the order of the Spartan king, the polemarch will calm down and will give the main character a task: kill four Athenian champions before conquering the region.

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If you play in the exploration mode, you will get clues about the location of only two of these strong warriors, while you will have to find the remaining ones by yourself. However, the game will provide hints on where to start the search. We will also add that the tracking of the elusive couple is accompanied by the completion of side quests.

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If you do not want to wander around Boeotia searching for them, turn on the ‘’heroic’’ mode in the settings, and all four champions will be highlighted on the map. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the additional tasks of tracking down the soldiers, because these quests will allow you to weaken your enemies.

One final note before you go on the hunt for the Athenian champions. Despite the fact that you need to capture Boeotia, this task cannot be achieved by standard methods – killing the leader and his soldiers, burning supplies, etc. In other words, the opportunity to fight for the territory is given strictly according to the storyline.

It’s up to you to choose the order in which you will kill Athenian champions, but in this article, we will go from simple to complex, both in terms of the battle itself and in terms of tracking down the target.

The Last Fight of Aristaios

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The first of the four Athenian champions is the mighty Aristaios who is located in a fortress on Kopais lake in the center of Boeotia. If you have killed Nikolaos in the chapter The Wolf Hunt, you will have to search for your target in the fort itself and, if possible, eliminate him stealthily. In the other case, you will have to fight against the whole garrison.

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The alternative scenario is that Nikolaos, who survived a meeting with his son/daughter, secretly helps Stentor by killing the most powerful Athenian warriors. In this case, you will not have to kill Aristaios as Nikolaos will do this for you.

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Ask Nikolaos about life outside Sparta: he is plagued by the burden of responsibility on Stentor’s shoulders after the Wolf’s departure. You can’t figure it right away, but the fate of your new brother is determined in this conversation. If you want his death, tell Nikolaos to stay away from his adopted son. If you want to save Stentor, advise Nikolaos to help him.

The mission will be concluded at the end of the conversation. Its completion will bring you a couple of tens of thousands experience points and three – four hundred drachmas. Do not forget to examine Aristaios’ body to get a decent legendary armor.

The Last Hunt of Nesaia

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Nesaia is the second Athenian champion whose death Stentor wants. She is hunting in the forests of Oropos Heights. Her camp does not have an icon on the map, but it is located near the tomb of Orion on the north of this territory, so it will be easy to find it.

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If you visit Nesaia in the afternoon, there’s a chance that she will not be at home. In this case, inspect the fire, the entrance to the hut and the bear’s bloody tracks that lead to the north from the camp to get a rough idea of where she went – along a small river.

There is no point in chasing the hunter – the terrain outside the camp is full of wolves which may disturb you in the course of the battle. In addition, it is likely that the Athenian started moving towards the main character when you were inspecting the area.

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Nesaia travels with her tame bear that should be eliminated first – this a big and dangerous animal so you should ensure that you fight against Nesaia one on one. Fortunately, you can kill the beast without any problems (use your bow, an exotic arrow and the Devastating Shot skill).

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Wait for the hunter to calm down to do a surprise attack or rush into the battle straight away. On the short distance, Nesaia uses a spear. At long distances, she draws a bow with poisonous arrows and bombs. If you manage to catch the warrior off guard, you can kill her with several consecutive devastating shots.

In the close-range fight, stay away from the enemy spear, dodge strong attacks and do not forget to use your abilities. As is usually the case with your strong opponents, periodic damage (poison, fire) is your friend.

For killing Nesaia, you’ll get a small monetary reward (less than five hundred drachmas) plus you can take the legendary belt from her corpse.

The Fall of Deianeira

Unlike the rest of her colleagues, Deianeira – the third champion in Stentor’s list – travels around Boeotia and will do this until you complete a specific side mission. Thus, it can be really hard to track her down in the exploratory mode.

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There are two ways to find Deianeira (without quest indicators):

  1. Kill the local leader – in his pockets, you will find a clue on the identity of the cultist from the branch ‘’Heroes of the Cult’’. This is (spoiler) Deianeira. From this moment, you can follow her movements on the map, which significantly simplifies the whole process.
  2. Perform the side task Sibling Revenge in the town of Orchomenos – in this case, Deianeira, who travels with her sister, will lose support and will move to the Oracle Cave which is in the central part of the region Reborn Hills.

If you stumble upon Deianeira when she is with her sister, you will have to face two strong opponents instead of just one. Dodge a lot (especially from strong attacks) and parry attacks of your enemies. Do not forget about special abilities and long-range skills. Even in such a fight, you can still find a moment for one or two devastating shots.

In the battle, Deianeira uses two blades but also does not shy away from throwing fire bombs. The sister is fighting with a halberd and switches to the bow with poisonous arrows at long distances. Do not forget about the opportunity to poison your opponent or set her on fire and do not be ‘’greedy’’ in order to stay healthier.

The scenario with the cave is much simpler. First, Deianeira will be alone, without her sister. Second, you will be able to sneak from the back and take away some part of her health with a powerful surprise attack.

Having decreased Deianeira’s life indicators to zero, finish off the cultist to get the rewards (money, a legendary piece of equipment, a fragment of an artefact, etc.) and complete the quest.

The End of Drakon

Drakon is the last Athenian champion on Stentor’s wanted list. He is training somewhere in Boeotia. To learn more about his location, complete the side mission The Stolen Steed that can be found in Thebes.

The mighty warrior is located on the shore of Kopais lake to the north-east of the city. If you want to facilitate the fight with this enemy, we advise you to complete the secondary quest Brewing Love. It is given by a thin-looking young man named Melanippos, who spends all his free time in Thebes gymnasium.

You should start the battle with Drakon with a sudden attack or a powerful headshot from a bow – there is no cutscene before the battle, so you will not miss anything by making the first move. If you have completed the quest given by Melanippos, the enemy will be without his signature armor.

Drakon is not an easy opponent – he is huge, and the halberd in his hands is huge as well. Also, the Athenian champion can periodically set his weapon on fire – in these moments, you should stay away from him and shoot fire/poisonous arrows at him from a safe distance.

Outside of this, it’s business as usual: do not get under strong attacks of the enemy, use close-range and long-range abilities, heal yourself in time (Second Will skill). Do not forget to take Drakon’s shield from him to speed up the process of killing your opponent.

If you have helped the merchant from the quest The Stolen Steed, explosive jugs will be scattered around the arena. They can be detonated with an accurate hit of a fire arrow. At the end of the battle, take the legendary bracers from the corpse and get ready to return to Stentor as you have completed all his tasks.

The Conqueror – Part II

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As soon as you get rid of all four Athenian champions, go to the Spartan military camp marked by the quest indicator and tell Stentor that you are ready to fight for Boeotia. If you wish, you can postpone the war, but you’ll be allowed to deal with all unfinished business in the region after the main battle.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: Paint it Red-17

This battle is no different from other global ones: kill enemy heroes (read: mercenaries), captains and polemarches to bring the victory to your allies.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: Paint it Red-18

At the end of the battle, Stentor, who still hates the hero, will decide to call him to a mortal combat which you cannot refuse regardless of your attempts.

If you have indeed killed Nikolaos or told him to stay away from Stentor in the quest The Last Fight of Aristaios, you will have to finish off your new brother. Use skills do deal periodic damage, take the shield from the opponent and parry enemy attacks. Ultimately, Stentor will fall to his knee and will not rise again.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: Paint it Red-19

Stentor can be saved if Nikolaos survived the meeting with Alexios/Kassandra in the chapter The Wolf Hunt and if you advised Nikolaos to help his adopted son in the quest The Last Fight of Aristaios. In this case, the elderly parent will prevent the fight of two brothers, and no one will have to die on this day.