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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Release date: June 26, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit with all activities and tasks

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-1

Chris’ Room

Following the introductory video, you will learn about the main character of the game – a little boy who imagines himself a superhero Captain Spirit.

Choose several options to create the hero’s image:

  • Mask or helmet;
  • Light armor or heavy armor;
  • Dark or colorful costume.

Our choice: mask, light armor and colorful costume.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-2

You can examine various items in Chris’ room. There’s a kid tattoo on the table. Press E and press LMB to apply the superpower and transfer it to your hand.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-3

Father will call you soon. If you ignore him three times and stay in the room, he will scream, and Chris will refuse to do anything except opening the door.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-4

Press TAB to open the task menu. All tasks are specific so let’s get through them one by one:

  1. Make the Captain Spirit costume. You will need to find certain items to compose the previously drawn costume.
  2. Overcome the Water Eater.
  3. Beat your record in Mustard Party 2. For this, you need to play this mobile game on father’s phone. It lies in the corridor on the desk with the desktop. Password – 42983294.
  4. Follow Mantroid and his supervillains. You will need to play with different toys scattered around the house.
  5. Find Mantroid on his planet, using the superhero costume and the spaceship.
  6. Practice in shooting using beer cans.
  7. Find a treasure – you need to find two parts of the map.
  8. Deal with Snowmancer.

In Chris’ room, you can play with two toys (Power Bear & Noctavious). Here, there’s a closet – get the raincoat for the costume of Captain Spirit. The secret map (part 1) that points to the hidden treasure is hanging on the wall above the table. Shark-Stinger is on the floor in the same room. Play with it.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-5

The House

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-6

Look around the corridor after breakfast. Wash the dishes, throw beer cans and old food from the fridge in the trash can. Come closer to your father. You’ll see a sofa on the right side near the window and a key from the car beside it on the floor.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-7

Pick it up so that Chris’ father is satisfied. Take the key to the front door and put it in a bowl under the phone that is hanging on the wall. The table with a desktop is located opposite the front door. The Chris’ father mobile phone is lying at its corner. The password is 42983294.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-8

To get it, you need to find various arts of the hog-dog man. The pin-code from Chris’ father phone is connected to the name HAWTDAG.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-9

If you recall, the button ‘’1’’ contains the letters ABC, '’2’’ – DEF and so on. If you inspect all the items in the house, you will realize that this superhero was created by boy’s mother and that’s why it’s the password of his father’s phone.

There’s a stove in which you can throw a log on the left from the TV. A dinosaur is lying on the floor in the nearby – play with it to perform a part of the task.

There’s a doorway and a closed door in the corner of the kitchen. Go to the basement, put things into the washing machine and start washing them. This is an optional action. Open the door that is located here using the superpower so that Chris can go into the dark room. Go forward to the seething water, come close to the huge monster and tame it with superpower, acting as usual. This is how you deal with the Water Eater.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-10

A phone will ring after a while – answer it. You can also try to call in three different places, having previously studied a note with the phone numbers on the curbstone under the receiver.

Go to the father’s bedroom and fix the lamp on the bedside table. A key will fall out. Pick it up and use to unlock the wardrobe.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-11

Here, you will find various items that shed light on what is happening. You’ll find a built-in wardrobe at the right side from the bed. A sports bag lies inside. Interact with it to complete the superhero costume. A pack of cigarettes is lying on the windowsill – you can take one after you have examined the pack.

Exit the room and go to the bathroom, where you can interact with a mirror. A cabinet with makeup is situated on the right side from the entry – use it to put the mask image on the face (if you have chosen mask over helmet).


Take the trash can with beer cans to the street (they must be thrown away first), then go out and interact to arrange a shooting gallery. Throw snowballs at the cans until you knock them all out – the task is completed.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-12

Go around the house and find a snowman. It is the Snowmancer.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-13

Rebuild it so that it is ready for a fight. However, you have no weapon. Climb up to the tree house and open the secret stash on the left. Examine its contents and take the secret decoder (the second part of the map). Examine the Sky Pirate toy to complete the task (if you have already played with the above-mentioned toys). You can also find a bowl with a cigarette lighter which can be used to try a cigarette.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-14

Inside the house, in the kitchen, there is another door that leads outside. However, you can’t use it to go out on the street. Approach it and see the garage key hanging on the upper left side of the wall.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-15

Enter the garage and interact with the spray paint on the shelf on the right to finish off the costume of Chris. Inside, there’s a closet with a combination lock. The password is 2005. Having opened it, read various notes and take the cracker that was taken away from Chris by his father.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-16

Return outside and blow the snowman using the cracker to complete the task.

Go to the house, enter the boy’s room and use the decoder sheet to the secret map. Match the sheet with the map so that all numbers are in circles (from ‘’1’’ to ‘’4’’).

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-17

Go outside and look to the left where there is a junk pile. This is the labyrinth leading to the treasure.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-18

Enter the labyrinth and start moving, choosing the following turns:

  • To the left;
  • To the right;
  • To the left;
  • To the left.

The task is completed.

Unlock father’s phone that lies on the table with the desktop inside the house, start the game and score more than 256 points. You need to use LMB to throw mustard and raise the living hot-dog in the air, avoiding barbecues and flying birds. Besides, try to collect all bars – you will receive 10 points for each of them.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-19

Now all you need to do is to go on the spaceship to Mantroid’s planet. It’s about a car. Take the car keys from the bowl (if have put them there) or pick them up from the floor near the sofa and the TV. Go outside and interact with the car to activate the super-driving skill.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-20

Following the cutscene, go to the street light and watch another video. Go into the house, wake up the drunk father and talk to him, and then to Mrs. Reynolds.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough-21

Watch the final cutscene that completes the walkthrough of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.