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Call of Cthulhu

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough

A detailed walkthrough of Call of Cthulhu including all possible scenarios, collectibles, and important choices


Chapter 1. Pierce Investigation Agency, Boston

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-1

At the beginning of the game, you'll find yourself in Pierce's nightmare. Walk forward until you hit a door locked with a chain. There is a passageway on the left: use CTRL to crouch and reach the next room. Find a flashlight on a crate which stands near the pier. Take it, then examine several other boxes located nearby. A bolt cutter is on the top of one on them. Take it, move to another door and cut the chain which hangs on it. Follow the only possible way, open the distant door and watch a cutscene.

In the room, look around and take two documents – Case closed and Case solved. Interact with a notebook lying on the corner of the desk. You can drink a glass of whiskey which is on the table (it influences the main character's fate somehow). Answer the phone. During the conversation you should distribute eight ability points.

There are seven main abilities in the game, two of them — Occultism and Medicine — you can get using items that you find. Other abilities — Spot Hidden, Eloquence, Strength, Investigation, and Psychology — require ability points.

Stephen Webster will visit your agency. Talk about everything to know more about the next case. Examine a painting — come closer to it and press the E button. The success of the action depends on level of the Investigation ability. However, don’t mind ‘'Investigation’’ as this episode is a part of the plot, so you can’t fail it. You'll find a strange symbol. Examine a file lying on the table, then discuss all topics with Webster. The successful examination of the painting will unlock an additional dialogue line: ‘’You should get serious about this painting.’’

Now take a medical book lying on a seat on the right of the front door. It gives experience points for the Medicine ability. On one of the shelves, in a bookcase which stands on the right of the wall with a map, find a requisite book about Darkwater. After that, leave the agency. This is your last chance to drink a glass of whiskey.

Chapter 2. Darkwater port

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-11

Talk to James Fitzroy. You'll get one more ability point on arrival on the island. Now you should visit the bar Whale on a shoal and James Fitzroy's office, who has documents about Hawkins. Enter the bar and move diagonally to the right. Watch a cutscene inside and discuss all themes with Roy Mitchell. When you've collected all the necessary information, you can order a drink or give up the idea. We didn't order it.

Take a look around in the bar. Near the front door, on the ride side, you'll see a board with names of debtors. Among others, there is Charles Hawkins. If you go to the left of the entrance, you can find a newspaper cutting about a successful fishing expedition on the wall – ‘’Miraculous catch!’’ (evidence). A mysterious woman will refuse to talk to you, but you can talk to Roy Mitchell again to know more about the ‘’Miraculous catch!’’ and Charles' debts. Besides, you can talk to three fishermen sitting at a table about the ‘’Miraculous catch!’’

Leave the bar and go to the right side to a huge dead fish, where constable Bradley reassures sailors. Discuss all themes with him to accomplish an additional task.

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-15

Turn around and head to Fitzroy's office on the right of the bar. Come inside and talk to a man. He will tell you that Charles' manifests (evidence) are on the table nearby, take them. Fitzroy has already gone, so you can look around.

There is a desk across from a table where the old sailor stood. Slide out a drawer and take a note from Cat (evidence). Go to the next room, find the book The Learning of Medicine, Volume 2 (improves the ability). Go upstairs and examine a desk drawer. You'll find a photo of Fitzroy with a peg leg.

Go outside and talk to Fitzroy. You can ask him about the photo, catch and other themes, but it's important to find out the location of the warehouse. After all these actions you'll receive one ability point. Now go to Bradley. You can go to the pier on the left. There you'll see a locked storage, which you can break into if you have an appropriate level of Investigation.

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-20
You will also find the Brandon statue — an element of the occult

After that, go to warehouse and talk to two bootleggers. No one's going to allow you to enter the building. However, there is a small room on the left. Crouch and sneak there to eavesdrop on a conversation through a window. Now you can go outside and lie to the three men that Cat has sent you. In fact, it will not help you.

Go to the very beginning and head to a side street on the left where the bootleggers were. Go forward and you'll find a room on the left side. Come inside and find three hidden items: a lever under a wooden plank on the floor on the left of the entrance, a ratchet device in a box a bit further, and a cogwheel under metal sheets near the right wall.

Go upstairs, install all parts and try to turn the mechanism. If you manage to do that, you'll find something. If you can't turn it, the mechanism will break. When you leave the building, you'll meet Cat. Watch a cutscene.

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-26

When you wake up, go to two fishermen nearby and discuss all themes with them. They'll help you to distract the bootleggers if you bring them some liqour. Mitchell will refuse to sell whiskey, but you can find it in a small building on the pier. You’ll have to break the lock on the door, which requires a higher level of Investigation.

Take whiskey to the fishermen so they distract the bootleggers and you can get to the door. However, this one will be locked too, so you’ll need to pick the lock, which is harder than the previous. If you manage to get inside, skip the next passage.

An easier way to get whiskey is to talk to Catherine Baker asking for help. But only after she finds you in the room with the bars. In return, she demanded a favor from us. Agree and follow her. Move away a metal plate and enter the warehouse when Cat opens the door.

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-30

When a hint appears, press and hold LMB and RMB to activate the investigation mode. Examine a smashed mirror on the left, a painkiller, and a sedative on the left and on the right. If you go deep into the warehouse — remains of organic nearby a broken barrel and a painting in the far corner.

Leave the mode by pressing and holding the same buttons. You'll get one ability point and a new evidence – ‘’Hawkins warehouse.’’ Then step outside, but a cutscene will start and constable Bradley will appear. Watch a final cutscene of the chapter.

Chapter 3. Garden of the Hawkins mansion

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-35

Upon arrival, talk to Bradly and decide whether he will accompany you to the mansion or not. In our walkthrough we walked together. Let him go left and you go right. Come to a stone fence and look at a small house downhill where Silas Winchester lives. Pick up a small wooden whale (evidence) from the ground near the tree.

Follow the direction in which Bradley has left, and after you examine graves, a dialogue with him will start. The constable will ask to give him a minute, so go up to the mansion without him. By the way, when you reach the garden, go up to a big tree which blocks the way. Examine the axe stuck in it. When you get to the other side, Pierce will notice that the axe is gone. Go agead and try to open the door on the left to see a cutscene. Talk to Silas; when Bradely Shows up, you’ll get the key to the mansion. Get inside.

Chapter 3. Hawkins mansion

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-40

Follow Bradley and activate the investigation mode when you get to the dining room. Examine a big plate in the middle of a table, two seats on both sides (Sarah's and Charles') and a smashed plate on the floor. You'll get a new evidence – ‘’Last Supper.’’ Leave the mode and follow the constable, but don't follow him through the door. Instead, turn right in the corridor to find a photo of Charles Hawkins (evidence) on a small table.

Go to the room where a fire was, activate the investigation mode and examine some items: a hidden bottle under the table, the place where the body of a child was, a broken clock (evidence) above the fireplace, a smashed oil lamp (evidence) on the floor, signs of a struggle and scratches on the front door.

Leave the mode and watch a cutscene. You'll receive a new evidence – ‘’Site of the fire.’’ Talk to Bradley, then you'll find yourself in the next corridor.

Move down the corridor, find the book History of Medicine in the XVIII Century (improves the ability) on one of the seats on the left. Keep going until you reach a room with stairs. There are bloody bandages on a small table on the right, on another one – a sheet of paper with lyrics. Notice that in the lower left a ‘’green question mark’’ will appear. This means you can find something here: step up to the stairs and move to the right to a pile of rubbish. Find a crowbar in it.

Enter a big room and find the book Moby Dick on a table on the right. The book The Human Body, a Comparative Analysis, which improves Medicine, is on a small table on the right of the stairs. Go upstairs and enter the next room. Find a letter of complaint about Sarah Hawkins (evidence) on a table on the left. Go down the corridor and enter Sarah's room on the left. Find barbiturate (evidence) in a drawer of a bedside-table near the screen. Go to a cupboard in the corner, find a sketch pad on the floor on the side of the cupboard (hidden item, improves Occultism). Find another hidden item behind the screen – a prescription for barbiturates (evidence).

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-48

Break the lock, if you can, to reach the next room. If not – go outside and examine bookshelves on the right of Sarah's room door. There is a well-hidden office key on one of them. Pick it up and enter the office. From there you can get to the very room next to Sarah's bedroom. There is a note with sweet words on a small table near the window (evidence). You can find a sales ledger in the main desk drawer (evidence). Examine an occult circle on the floor and go outside. A door on the left will open. Enter the workshop and watch a cutscene.

Chase a thief jumping down on the stairs where you'll meet Bradley. Go together with him in a new room, examine a note on a bench on the right, find a letter from doctor Fuller hidden on the left of the entrance, on the floor near a small table. Take Celtic runes from the table which improve Occultism. Examine nautical charts on the table. A tin with lamp oil stands in the same place, so you can refuel it. Find a photo of Charles, Fitzroy, and a man with glasses (evidence) on the table near the window. Pick up a hand-drawn map (evidence) from the floor in the corner near the window. Examine bookshelves on the left of Bradley to find another hidden item – letters from Sarah's father (evidence).

Now you need to open a secret passageway. You can do it in several ways: use force or the crowbar that you found earlier (if you've taken it), or solve a puzzle with a globe. The correct coordinates are indicated on the seaway map from the desk. Set longitude 33, latitude – 53 (horizontal), then confirm your choice by pressing E. The secret passageway will open.

If you want to use force or the crowbar, you need to go to the left of the globe and examine the wall on the right. Here you'll find an active point, which allows you to move a panel away and find a mechanism. Here you should use your crowbar (or force). Open the passageway.

Chapter 4. Tunnels under the Hawkins mansion

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-60

Go downstairs and come to a table on the left. Activate the investigation mode, examine the table, a mask on it, a chest on the side. Then go to the place you came from, find a scrap of cloth on a wooden bar on the right. Sarah Hawkins' illusion will appear. Go back to men at the table and examine the man, who could see Sarah. This will complete the investigation; you'll receive your first evidence in this chapter – ‘’Underground room.’’

Look into the chest to find a picture (Occultism). Go downstairs with Bradley and try to open the bars. It's locked, though. Keep going downstairs and squeeze through a narrow hallway between the rocks on the left. Reaching the opposite side, go upstairs looking over rock drawings along the way, then jump off the brow – that's how you'll reach the opposite side of the locked bars and can complete the side quest ‘’Return to the main cave.’’

Go the only way. You can go down and examine a bottle with some unknown fat or go to a passageway on the left. Talk to Bradley and move forward until you get to the sacrificial room. You'll detect a portrait of Pierce, but don't interact with it right away: there is a plate made of a whalebone with a thread (evidence, improves Occultism) on the right. Examine the portrait and you'll find yourself downstairs.

Here Pierce will face a panic attack for the first time. Run forward, to the right, crouch, and squeeze between rocks. Soon you'll reach the place that Pierce saw in his nightmare at the very beginning of the game. Move forward, on a bench on the left you'll find a ceremonial dagger (Occultism). In the room on the right, you can find Bible with comments (Occultism). Go past cultists to go through the door Pierce saw in the nightmare, then watch a cutscene.

Chapter 5. Riverside Institute

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-84

This chapter begins with a long cutscene. After you wake up, go to the door and watch a scene with Sanders. Return to the bed and interact with it to go sleep. During the dream go the only way until you wake up.

Talk to Marie Colden, the woman who wants to help. Leave your ward and enter Sanders' room. Activate the investigation mode and start to examine everything you see: writings on the walls and floor, a syringe lying on the floor, a belt on the bed. Last evidence – a list of allowed patients on the right of the bed. Leave the mode and get first evidence – ‘’In a ward lined with felt.’’

Exit through the door down the hall to the area patrolled by guards. Go through the door on the left; there you'll detect two more guards. Wait till they finish talking and leave. Enter the room in the middle to find Breviary of Medicine, Tome I (improves Medicine). There are two keys behind the reception window, but the door is locked. Go left to a room with a torture machine. Find medical record of Francis Sanders (evidence) in one of the desk drawers. We will return to this machine later.

Come out into the main hall and go to the right wing. Here you'll see a room with two valves, locked bars, and another pipe with the third valve. You can find an item inside a desk drawer – a memo to staff. In the corridor which leads here (connecting the room with the main hall) there is an announcement for staff on the wall. Go out from there and head right. In the long corridor there is a cupboard on the right, in which you can hide. Also, you can force the door near the cupboard – it leads to a storage room. Inside you'll find a valve – it’s on the right behind a small couch, where a guard patrols.

In the same corridor, you can check in a kitchen. Be careful, there is a guard. Go to the reception through the kitchen, take two keys – to the utility and security rooms. One of them you can use to open a door nearby and go out into the main hall.

Another way how to distract guards – a mentally ill patient in a ward in the left wing. Go there and talk to him. The man needs sleeping pils and he is ready to make some noise to distract guards. The storage room with medicines is located in the right wing. One of the guards walks in and out of the room. On one of the central shelves, you'll find sleeping pills. There is a book History of Medicine in the XIX Century (improves Medicine) on a desk.

Return to the room with the electric chair for torture. Walk around the ward with this chair (deck-chair) and you'll reach the left wing. There is a door that leads to archives. Come in and examine all boxes to find Sarah Hawkins' medical record (evidence) and a request for hospitalization (evidence). If you go through a corridor with wards, you'll find another opened ward for mentally ill people. There are beads on the floor (improve Occultism). Another book which improves Medicine (Incision and Bleeding: Good Practice) is located in a small room which you can reach through the kitchen (on the opposite side from the room with keys).

Now, about an escape. You should distract guards who stand in the corridor with the EXIT sign. If you bring sleeping pills to the patient, he will distract another guard, who is standing out of the kitchen at the far side of the building.

You need to use pipes with a valve and gas or the electric machine and produce power surges. We've chosen the second option because we've found only one valve (it requires two). Go to the electric machine and pull the lever on the right – the first from the four necessary levers. There are four amperemeters on the device – one of them will go off the scale, you need to do the same with the rest of them.

You'll see four wires coming out from the machine. Each wire leads to a lever you should interact with. Follow the two wires and go to the corridor with the archive, you'll see the first lever. The second lever is located near a guard, who stands still. Bring sleeping pills to the mentally ill man to distract him. Enter the room and pull the third lever. In the same room, you can find the book History of Medicine in the XX century (improves Medicine).

You should open a door in the main hall to reach the fourth lever. It will be locked, but the key is at the reception that you'll visit through the kitchen (it was written above). There is an alternative option – forced entry into the room with valves. Anyway, pull the fourth lever when reaching the room. By the way, through a ventilation shaft you can get to the locked room with a place where you should install one of the valves. Do it, take a bolt cutter and cut the chain. You have to find another valve to distract guards by this method.

When all four levers are activated, go back to the room with the electric machine and pull the lever in the middle. Escape from the room through the corridor with archives and wards, move to the exit, and turn to the room on the left to reach Francis Sanders. Watch a cutscene, then go upstairs and leave the hospital.

Chapter 6. Hawkins mansion

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-122

Go downstairs and talk to Marie and Bradley. Here you should make an important choice – to agree with Marie and hold onto your sanity or agree with Bradley that Irene Sanders should know the truth. Leave the Hawkins mansion.

Chapter 6. Sanders Residence

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-126

Talk to Irene about various subjects until you can control the main character again. Take a letter of refusal (evidence) from the table and examine Sarah's and Francis' photo (evidence) above the fireplace. After that, you will be able to activate the investigation mode. Activate it, examine a cup on the table, a book near a passageway, a hidden painting, Sarah and Irene, and the painting again. In the end, you'll get the evidence ‘’At Sanders' place.’’ Pick up the book Breviary of Medicine, Tome II (improves Medicine) from the table.

Go down the only corridor to reach Francis' office. Here you'll see Cathrine Baker. Move aside a suitcase near a bookcase on the right to find an anatomy book (improves Medicine). Take an ancient amulet from the table (improves Occultism). Grab the book Whale and cod (Occultism) lying on the floor on the left the table. Open a nightstand near the table and take Sarah Hawkins' note (evidence). You can take sleeping pills from the table. On the right, is Diary of the pastor's wife, Volume 3 on a covered nightstand.

There is a casket above the fireplace. Open it by force to receive the key to Sanders' gallery. The book The Hammer of Creatures, Volume 2. is on the table next to Cat. You can either read it or not — it influences Pierce's fate somehow. The book also improves Occultism.

Enter the gallery and go to the painting Shambler. Walk around it and pick up a picture of a dagger from the floor. You'll need this. Interact with the painting to watch a cutscene, at the end of it you should fight against a monster. You can kill it by direct attacks. There a lot of showcases in the gallery with various knives, but the one you need is the knife in the picture you’ve collected earlier (with two sharp blades). This knife can be found in the back room which is the closest to the monster at the beginning of the episode. Look for a showcase in the corner, under the gold plate on the wall.

When the episode begins, stand up and run in the opposite direction to reach the closest room. Then run over to the next one and grab the necessary knife. If it is the required knife, Pierce will say that this one is substantively different from others. Run with it to the painting and use it to deal with the monster. This is the end of the chapter.

Chapter 7. The Nameless Bookstore

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-144

Examine a bookshelf on the right to receive The Interpretation of Dreams (improves Medicine). A little bit further there is History of Darkwater, vol 2. In the same room, you can find Diary of the pastor's wife, Volume 4. On the left, in a room with a chessboard examine a shelf and find History of Darkwater, Volume 4. Go to the counter and find Breviary of Medicine, Tome III (improves Medicine) on shelves on the right. Handbook on Anatomy and Dissection, Book II is on the next shelf.

Reach the back room and activate the investigation mode. Examine the door, a footprint a little bit further, spilled substance, a crowbar, dead rats and a safe. You should also examine Sarah and Drake until you can't leave the remembrance. After you do that, examine a corner full of books and find a hidden amulet in the form of a dog, which improves Occultism. Handbook on Anatomy and Dissection, Book I stands on a shelf on the right. Examine desk drawers to find sleeping pills and the Key of R'lyeh file (evidence).

Now you need to find the correct combination and open the safe. First of all, examine a bookshelf on the right of the safe to find out where to search for a clue. Drake's note stated that the key is connected with three cylinders. One of them is already inserted into a gramophone in the room with the chessboard. Two other cylinders you'll find behind a plank in the main room near the seller's post. Move to the gramophone and listen to messages from all cylinders.

First of them contains information about ‘’red drops and gold.’’ There is a golden bowl with red rubies near the window. You should count them. You can't turn the bowl, but it has a repetitive pattern, so it's possible to guess that it has about five rubies.

The second cylinder is about a white queen protected by a small number of soldiers. Look at the chessboard and you'll see that apart from the queen there are three white figures.

The second cylinder is about the ninth volume of some book. Сombine all clues with each other and you'll see the code combination – 539. Enter it on the safe and grab the book made of human skin.

Chapter 8. Riverside Institute

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-181

Go to the front door and proceed behind the administrator's counter. Enter the room and talk to a nurse. She'll tell you about three additional tasks connected with patients or their relatives. Go to the main hall with patients and deal with two of them who need help. The third task is to find Mrs. Harding's medical record. Find Edward Pierce's medical record (evidence) on a table. A board for keys hangs on the wall.

Fuller always brings the key to his office, there is no key to the boiler room. You can find it in a drawer of a desk located in a general ward for patients. Regarding Mrs. Harding: you should examine her in the general ward then go out into the next corridor and talk to one of the two men sitting on one bench. You'll get the achievement ‘’Hippocratic oath’’ if you complete all three tasks.

In another part of the hospital, there is a post for medicine handing and two nurses talking near it. Go behind the post and take a prescription (evidence) from a shelf under it.

Walk through the hospital and find the door leading to Fuller's office. It's locked, but there is an administrative office nearby. Go through it to Fuller's open office. However, nurse Donovan will stop you, so you need to distract her somehow.

Find the bathroom where Elizabeth cleans up a mess and talk to her. You'll learn that Donovan abuses Elizabeth when water is cut off. You should use it for distraction. You need to reach the boiler room to cut off the water supply. Take the key to the boiler room from a desk drawer in the big general ward. Having opened the boiler room, try to turn the valve, but nothing will happen. You need to find a proper instrument.

Go to the reception, find another storage room in the corridor before the hall on the right side. There was inventory before, a nurse didn't let you go here. She should leave now, so you can find a wrench on the bottom shelf. Use it to turn the valve to cut off water supply, return and talk to Elizabeth. Go back to the administrative office, which Donovan left, and enter Fuller's office.

Interact with a ship, then turn sails to point them to the left side. Then put the cylinder with Sarah Hawkins' map on the gramophone. Examine a crime scene. You'll find two hidden items on lower shelves in different parts of the room. Stop to examine the remembrance to reach a conclusion: Marie should get to the basement of the hospital. Open a barred door and move downstairs until you face Fuller.

At the end of the chapter talk to Drake and make a decision: to get his help or to refuse.

Chapter 9. Riverside Institute

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-216

Look around the office, break open the drawer and get another Diary of the pastor’s wife. On a small table nearby lies the third volume of Malleus Bestiarium. You will be offered to read it again, and the choice you made will somehow alter the destiny. There is a bottle of sleeping pills in the nightstand, where Marie found Sarah’s shoe. Examine the photo of Fuller hanging on the wall. Exit to the corridor, head to the bars in order to go downstairs. Here you will have another vision.

You can use two lanterns — regular (yellow light) and magic (blue light). First, take the regular one from the shelf on the left, and then open the door leading to the reception. After that, take the magic lantern — this time to will be able to go through (previously it was blocked by magic). Look in the small back room and find some strange traces on the floor. Hold LMB to increase your light’s brightness. After teleportation, go where the luminous line points you and increase the brightness of the light source in your hands.

Go along the corridor and turn into the door on the left, where a portal is depicted. After teleporting into the ward, head to the place where you changed lanterns before. The regular one will be here again. Take it, open the door in the right corridor, then replace it with a magic one. Go through the open door and find another portal. Enter it, go along the luminous line to the wall and hold LMB to illuminate the pattern.

Head left now and light up a large barrier near the toilet, to go further. Go back to the starting point. Head right through the administrative office and enter the next portal. After that, go left and enter the ward on the left with your magic lantern. Now you can light up the blocked passage to block B. Once you have done this, head forward along the luminous line and light the symbol on the floor.

Move to the left along the line and unlock a new passage by brightening your magic lantern. Go back, pick up the regular lantern and follow the new corridor until you find a door. Open it, go back for the magic lantern and return to this door. Behind it, you can find another symbol on the floor that can be lit. Now the only things left for you to do is to illuminate the last barrier, go down and through the door, which Marie used earlier.

Go forward along the endless corridor. After a while, look through the door on the left to find Edward. After a few visions, watch a cutscene with Fuller, then get out of here and get to Sarah Hawkins. Talk to her. If you have fulfilled the mind condition (e.g. read Occult books), you will be able to choose a strange phrase. This will affect the destiny. We did just that.

Run away from the enemies with Sarah, and when you find yourself in the boiler room, try to turn the valve. Opposite to it, in a coal basket, lies a poker. Take it and use on the valve. Now watch a lengthy cutscene.

Chapter 9. Hawkins Mansion

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-237

Go downstairs and talk to Sarah. Choose any topics and options. There will be a phrase associated with the cult, which will affect the hero’s fate. On the table nearby there is a glass of whiskey — you can drink it to alter the fate.

Go to the back of the house to chat with Jake — he is in Charles’s office. He will tell you about the amulet and offer to find a bust. His sketch will be in your hand. Head to the second floor, enter the room next to Sarah’s bedroom — there should be a magic circle on the floor. The required bust in on the desk: when you approach it, Edward will automatically confirm this. You can switch to investigation mode and find out what ritual was Sarah doing.

Now you need to find the still life depicted in the following sketch. Go to the living room with a fireplace, where you talked to Sarah, go upstairs and find the picture between the bookshelves. After finding the amulet, take it to Jake, then go to the front door of the house where Sarah will be waiting for you. Talk to her, then watch a cutscene.

Chapter 10. Darkwater police station

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-250

At the station, talk to Henry West. After that, the Leviathan appears. Here you need to decide what to do: accept his knowledge or refuse. In our walkthrough, we followed the occult path, so we accepted the knowledge. We will see how it plays out.

In bootlegger’s caves, you will control Sarah Hawkins. Head forward and reach the place where Drake, Cat and her companion are located. After the cutscene, follow Drake and listen to his idea of destroying the Dimensional Shambler. Now you need to search for glyphs one by one — they are similar to the one you can see next to Drake. The first glyph is located on a wooden hill. Go up the wooden steps and stand in the glyph. It will be destroyed, but the Shambler will appear. You have to run back to Drake from him and hide in a circle. To slow him down, increase your lantern’s brightness. Just press LMB periodically and hold it for a few seconds.

Do not forget to fill the lantern with oil when there is free time. The second glyph will be hidden behind the bars with a metal plate that needs to be moved. When you move it away, the Shambler will appear. This means that you can’t stand in the glyph just yet — run back to Drake. After chasing the enemy away, return to the glyph and destroy it. The third glyph will be close to the oil can that use to fill up the lantern. Deactivate the glyph, use the lantern to chase the opponent away from you, and then trap the Shambler. After that, interact with the painting to complete the chapter.

Chapter 11. Darkwater police station

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-264

Talk to the sheriff and sit on the bench. Talk to the Leviathan, go through the corridor and observe different scenes behind the bars.

In the end, you will take control of Baker. Enter the warehouse, head straight and along the left wall to find the door to the back room. Go there and inspect the dead body. Switch to investigation mode and interact with checkpoints, moving to the start of the warehouse. This way you will learn where the murder happened. Inspect the cultist, cigarettes and the masked man. After that, go outside, fight back against a couple of enemies and run away.

Chapter 12. Darkwater police station

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-271

You will once again find yourself in the police station in the role of Pierce. This time it will be necessary to decide what to do with Bradley — to kill him or spare. Your fate, of course, depends on this choice. Then you find yourself outside the station, at the pier where the game began. Head forward and see the crazy fishermen. Here you will have to decide whether you want to kill them or try to complete the mission without dying. This almost certainly affects the game’s ending.

Anyway, the entrance to the whaling station is on the right side of the map, on the pier with a statue of Brendan and a locked building (if you go to the right side). The bars will be locked, but Mitchell has the key. You will find the bartender at the same pier, in the place with the statue. Talk to him, and he will ask for a first aid kit in exchange for the key.

Cat hid in the office of Fitzroy. Reaching her is much more difficult if play the game without killing — you will have to lure out opponents one by one. Go inside and examine the nautical chart, then enter investigation mode and inspect the scene by interacting with different objects. Walk to the next room and take a note from the drawer to the right. Go upstairs and talk to Cat. She will also promise to help in exchange for a first aid kit.

You can find only one first aid kit at the location, and it is located inside warehouse 36, which you examined earlier. Go there, run inside and pick up the first aid kit from the table. Run away from the enemy and decide who should take the first aid kit. In general, it is very difficult to do all of this without killing. If you go to Cat, there will be two more opponents at the stairs. In any case, after giving the kit to either Cat or Mitchell, head into the whaling station’s yard. In Cat’s case, the entrance will be near warehouse 36 (you will also have to go through the gates). Mitchell’s entrance is next to the pier.

Continue to act carefully, moving along the only available route, until you reach the metal stairs. Climb up and go inside the whaling station.

Chapter 13. Abandoned whaling station

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-282

Look around and go forward. Pay attention to the ring on the ceiling to the right. Take a few steps further and go down the stairs. There are two rooms here. In one of them you will find Diary of the pastors's wife, Volume 5, and in the other — the key to the office. Both items are in the drawers.

From the main hall, go up the other stairs and enter the office. There is a knife on the drawer on the left. After taking it, turn the repaired valve to move the tank to the left. You can also pick up the torn page lying under the damaged valve. Open the next door and go to the tank. On the first floor in the main hall, there is a rope with a hook lying on the ground. Go back up and tie the tank to the ring using this rope. Return to the cabinet and turn the valve to create tension. Then head to the tank and cut the rope with a knife.

Squeeze through the opening and go to the pier to Sarah. In the office, pick up the phone, and after the call, open the door in front. You will again be at the whaling station. Here break the bars on the right side, or go past the boxes with the flesh of the Leviathan and open the grate in the floor. Either way you will get to the same place.

Go to Sarah again — you will need to make several decisions. But this isn’t the most interesting thing here. If you followed the path of the Leviathan, studied books and selected his phrases, then most likely your choice will not affect anything. We refused medicine, flesh, and a pistol, but Edward used them anyway.

Make your way through the hallucinations. In a room with several doors, go through the one that will be visible from afar. Follow along and find yourself in a place with a stove and a lever. For now, using the lever is pointless. Go forward to the planks you need to walk on. Choose the correct route, so you do not fall down. Turn to the third bridge on the right (in the direction of movement), go to the right at the fork, then — right again, and finally to the left.

This way you get to the four levers, but only one of them is the right one — the one behind the bridges. You could say that the levers work similar to the door: from a distance you see only one lever, but as you approach, hallucinations appear along with some fake levers. You only need to turn the original one. Look for the second lever, moving in the opposite direction from the stove. Crouch and go under the pipes. From a distance, you will need to remember which lever is the true one. Turn the right lever. If you make a mistake, you will have to do it again. After that, flip the switch at the stove.

Next, you will need to run away, choosing the right routes, where there are no beams or fiery pools. In the end, the video will start, and the chapter will be completed.

Chapter 14. Coastal Cave

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-306

Follow the only available path, enter the cave and examine different inscriptions. Get close to the picture and talk to Marie. Head down to the boat, to the left of the stairs there will be a way deep into the cave. This is where you want to go.

Chapter 14. Alabaster Point

Call of Cthulhu (2018) Complete Walkthrough-307

Continue following the only way, and then choose what to do: agree to perform the ritual or reverse it. To find out to get each ending, read our All endings guide.