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Creative Destruction Beginner's Guide

This guide will introduce your to the basics of the game, interface and controls, modes and weapons you can use in this Battle Royale and building combination


Battle Royale games are now taking mobile gaming by storm. Popular survival games like Fortnite, ROS and PUBG are already on mobile but copycats have been flooding the market. Creative Destruction is very similar to Fortnite in terms of gameplay and environment. However, Fortnite is not yet available to all mobile phones, so Creative Destruction is currently gaining popularity.

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Interestingly, this game is tailored to get into mobile gaming mainstream by having fully-optimized graphics and it is capable of supporting phones with only 1 GB of RAM. For best experience, use phones with 3 GB or higher so that you can enjoy the high graphics settings.

Quick Overview of Battle Royale games

If you are not familiar with this very popular Battle Royale game genre, then here is a brief description.

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The drill is always the same. A group of 100 people is transported in a plane, a jet, or a flying bus over an island. Drop and parachute on any location and search through the houses and buildings to look for weapons and items.

The area for survival called safe zone gets smaller and smaller as you progress through the game. Any person outside the area of survival will find their health gradually going down, so you need to always be inside the safe zone. Fight or hide until you are the last one to survive.

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Collecting weapons and survival is the key to every Battle Royale games. They only vary in some game mechanics and Creative Destruction has a similar game style with Fortnite and Fortcraft. You can collect building materials and build platforms and enclosures as an additional strategy in fighting enemies.

Getting Started

Shooting games on mobile always starts in a ‘’hard’’ difficulty. This is not about the gameplay but on the controls. While moving should not be a problem, aiming at the opponent is always the difficult part. It will take a lot of hours before you can actually make a decent aim and control the sensitivity. If your phone has a controller, then it will be a lot easier. Otherwise, you need to learn the hard way of mastering shooting in mobile games.

At the start, you will select a character and customize it using preset appearance options. Further customization of outfits will be available as you progress in the game. One unique aspect of this game is the option use custom outfits available in gift boxes in the game world. The outfits are only available for that particular game.

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Like any other Battle Royale games, the tutorial for Creative Destruction is quite brief. You will have 3 games fighting very easy bots and you will learn the basics of parachuting, collecting materials, acquiring weapons and building platforms. After that, you will be left on your own to learn other things in the game.

If you still don’t quite understand the game yet after the tutorial, there is a Training menu where you can perform tasks and learn. Training will let you earn Star Coins that can be used to purchase outfits.

Controls and interface guide

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  • Armor, health. The long green bar in the upper left part of the screen is your health. If you acquire armor shards (magic box serum), a thin yellow bar will appear above it and it will serve as additional health points.
  • Resources and Upgrades. Right below your health bar, the total number of building materials you currently have is displayed. Clicking the icon on the right side will allow you to upgrade your building materials. Higher level materials mean that it is harder to take down your walls and ramps.
  • Teammates’ Health. If you are playing with a squad, your teammates’ green health bars also appear in your interface. This will allow you to monitor your teammates in case they are under fire or got knocked down.
  • Auto-fire (bullet icon) and auto-run (running icon). These are features you can toggle on or off. Auto-fire fires your weapons automatically when you aim at your opponents. This is an incredible feature because it is really hard to aim and shoot in mobile games.

Auto-run allows your character to run automatically in the direction it is facing. This is useful because the map is very large and you will have a lot of running to do.

  • Minimap. Shows your location on the map and direction your character is facing. Click on it to see a larger map and check on the safe zone circle. If you are outside the circle, you will see a broken line pointing towards the nearest point of the circle.

If you are playing in duo or squad mode, you can also see where your teammates are.

  • Build controls. You can build platforms so serve as barricades or stairs to go up or down. You can create the following platforms: wall, floor, ramps going up, and ramps going down. Mastering quick creation of platforms is essential to winning this game.
  • Shoot/Attack, jump and crouch. The attack button is used to destroy objects and get building materials. When you click on a weapon, it becomes a shoot button. Jumping allows you to go over short hedges and fences. Crouching improves your shooting accuracy.
  • Weapon and items. You have 7 slots to equip your weapons and items. Weapons and most items are auto-assigned to the weapon hotkeys until it becomes full for the first time. Once your slots are full, items near you will appear as a list. You can remove an item from the hotkey by simply dragging it up and then click on the item from the list box once you have vacant slots.
  • Joystick and aim. The joystick will allow you to move in any direction. This is self-explanatory, but you must also learn how to use the joystick when you are still in the parachute. Pushing it up means faster descent.


The game offers the following game modes:


This is the regular game. You can either go solo, duo or be part of a squad of up to 5 people. Choosing duo or squad allows you to have teammates you can fight together with. Teammates can also revive you when you get knocked down.

Going solo means your opponents are on their own as well, so there is always a benefit on each mode.

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Defend the Captain

The players will be divided into 2 groups (Red and Blue). Random players will be selected as captain. Your objective is to kill all your opponent captains before they kill yours.

This is a unique aspect on this game as most Battle Royale games only have the classic game mode.

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Weapons and Items

Getting weapons and items is your main goal in this game. The game offers a wide range of weapon choices and understanding them is a very important winning strategy.

The weapons you will be pick have different colors that signify rarity. Higher rarity means the weapon is stronger, so you should always replace your current weapons with stronger ones as you progress in the game. In total, there are five rarity classes:

  • White = Common
  • Green = Unusual
  • Blue = Rare
  • Purple = Epic
  • Gold = Legendary

Weapon types

You can view different weapons in the game in the Gallery:

  1. Pistols. These are the weakest weapon in the game. Only use them if you don’t have any other weapon.
  2. Shotguns. They are suited for close-range combat. They can deal an insane amount of damage but their range is very short.
  3. Submachine guns. They are medium-ranged weapons that have very fast firing speed. They are best suited for moving and shooting at the same time.
  4. Rifles. These are the preferred weapons on this game due to their long range, rate of fire, and damage that makes them suitable in almost all situations.
  5. Sniper rifles. They are the rifles that are equipped with scopes. They have a very low rate of fire but they can shoot enemies accurately at very long distances. Very strong sniper rifles like AWP can 1-hit enemies.
  6. Special weapons (Flamethrowers, bows, grenade/rocket launchers and railguns). These are the weapons for special purposes. Flamethrowers are extremely good in close range combat. Launchers have area damage and are very good in destroying barricades and platforms. Railguns have extremely high damage that can 1-hit kill enemies.
  7. Throwables. These are grenades and bombs which you can throw in short distances. They are useful in destroying barricades and houses so you can keep them until you can get some launchers.


  • Bandage and First Aid. This will allow you to heal yourself but use with caution since it will take several seconds to complete the process. Always hide or cover yourself when you attempt to heal.
  • Magic Box Serum. You will gain armor that will serve as additional health.
  • Magic. This will allow you to store up to 6 armor shards that can be used later on.
  • Outfit boxes. They contain outfits which you can equip for that particular game only.

Keep an Eye on the Storm

Aside from the 99 other players, the game will also try to kill you using a Storm. The storm is an area outside the safe-zone circle. It will gradually reduce your health, so you need to get in the safe zone circle as soon as possible.

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Checking or clicking on the minimap will help you know the location of the storm. Keep an eye on the storm timers in case you are still outside the safe zone. Getting to the safe zone is your topmost priority.

If you are outside the safe zone, the minimap will show a broken line to the nearest point of the safe zone. Use this as a guide on the direction you will take.

Thank you for reading this guide. Hope it has helped you be familiar with the basics of this battle royale game.

Ian Leo Bertoldo