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Crew 2, The

Release date: June 29, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Crew 2: Tips for Beginners

Useful hints on driving, money, and upgrades which you should check out before starting your journey across the United States

The Crew 2 is a dynamic, open-world racing game developed by Ivory Tower for PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. Gameplay is immersive and thrusts players into a world ruled by one thing, and one thing only: racing glory. ‘’Dominate the ground, the air, and the sea’’ is the motto. To achieve nationwide supremacy, players must dive in head first and join Motornation.

However, achieving those goals isn’t as easy as one might think. Though the challenge is immense, keeping some helpful things in mind will help boost your gameplay success. Without further ado, here are some important tips to steer you to a first-place finish:

Planes, Motorcycles, and Automobiles – You Choose

Right out of the starting gates, The Crew 2 gives players a taste of its rich and varied playthrough. A uniquely interactive intro seamlessly transitions from one mode of racing to another, providing a sneak peek of different competitions. As players wrap up and dive into Career mode, a choice between environments soon emerges:

The Crew 2: Tips for Beginners-1
The Live Map, where players begin their racing journeys
  1. Pro Racing Trial
  2. Offroad Trial
  3. Freestyle Trial
  4. Street Racing Trial

The Crew 2’s intro kicks off in the middle of New York City, but by no means are you required to continue there. Right away, the in-game map allows racers to select between four main locations to begin racing. Each of these offers a unique style of gameplay, from navigating the skies to waterways. New players, rest assured – you can pick any of these areas without consequence. Try your hand at nautical racing but fail to make any waves? Hop over into street racing. Maybe you prefer loose sand to burning asphalt – on a whim, you can sample everything just like you would at your favorite buffet.

While the game may appear simplistic at the onset, completing the initial trials unlocks additional ‘’activities’’ across the United States. If choosing to primarily follow one path, more events of that type will progressively become available (while increasing in difficulty). Feel free to explore as you see fit. The Crew 2 is an open experience, meaning players shouldn’t feel locked into any one element of the game.

Bonus tip: Try zooming into the map at various locations – the level of detail is actually an impressive touch.

Alternative Routes are Encouraged — and Forgiving

One thing you may be accustomed to with racing games is the presence of waypoints, or checkpoints. These timed milestones give players an idea of their progress throughout the race, providing updates on timing and overall standing against the field.

In this regard, The Crew 2 is no different – yet it offers some unique advantages. First and foremost, the racing experience lacks rigidity when compared to other popular titles. While you are still guided along the main track, those stages offer a plethora of routes which you can explore to achieve victory. Similar to flexible racing games such as Mario Kart, those behind the wheel can elect to use shortcuts offering greater or lesser risk. This can grant you an advantage over competitors when navigated properly.

The Crew 2: Tips for Beginners-2
In the opening chapter of the Offroad Trial, players weave their way through a destructible canyon pass

Another major feature of these raceways? Destructibility. Other racing games often become frustrating (and somewhat less realistic) due to their collision mechanics. You might crash your car into something fragile, like a sign or small post, and fly into the air with a sudden, violent stop. Panic quickly sets in as competitors zoom on past, leaving your crippled vehicle in the dust.

Throughout The Crew 2, minor objects and obstructions behave accordingly. Minefields of cacti become minor inconveniences. Movable urban barricades stand no chance against your front bumper. But please, do avoid running into buildings – those are a little more temperamental than their destructible counterparts.

Keep an Eye on Your Followers and Crew Credits

It’s no secret that we live in a digital age, and The Crew 2 knows this well. A large part of an athlete’s notoriety relies upon their visibility, and as a racer, boosting your popularity is paramount. You can actively do this during races, by performing well and even attempting eye-catching stunts.

Using the social media concept, racing earns you growing numbers of new ‘’followers’’, which directly influence popularity. This reputation elevates racers from novices to rising stars and to superstars. Gamers move between four main levels:

  • Rookie
  • Popular
  • Famous
  • Star.

When you earn Star status, it signifies that you have a strong following with many victories to your credit.

With each, you can purchase different vehicles, upgrades, and unlock various color schemes and additions. To claim these, you must also spend Crew Credits, which are earned by winning major races and challenges. While coins are easier to earn, Crew Credits are rare commodities – spend them wisely!

Remember to Check Your Loot

Races don’t only reward you with coins. Successfully completing on-track objectives awards you with loot items – essentially collections of unlocked parts:

The Crew 2: Tips for Beginners-3

You may head back home following your race to upgrade your car with these items. Your home base serves as your garage and dwelling while offering you a place to tinker with your metal workhorses.

As an added note, packs of loot may be scattered on the minimap during activities. You can drive to these marked areas when appropriate and reap the benefits of random rewards. Surprises like these can vastly improve vehicle performance. Others simply serve to help your cars stand out from the crowd, adding some visual flair.

Thanks for following along with our quick beginners’ guide! The Crew 2 can be an incredibly immersive experience. Keeping these tips in mind will surely give you a competitive edge.

Tyler Charboneau