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Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed

The complete walkthrough of where to find how to fight against Greed, how to deal with enemies, where to find artifacts and humans, and how to access new locations


Finding The Catacombs

Go back to the Skyscraper portal, head for Maker’s Forge walking down a long tree and turn right before getting to the destroyed building which is directly opposite the Forge. You’ll see some curly streams of air next to the building corner. Switch to Storm form, jump and press Space one more time. Hold the button to make Fury levitate. This allows her to fly long distances. Besides, you can mount the objects using air streams.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-1

So, get upstairs and kill the enemy who is able to create doubles and who will call gorilla to his aid. Try to kill the magician first. Follow the only possible route, destroy some more enemies and jump over to another building (use the Storm fly). There you’ll free one more human. You can go further and fight with the demons who will be throwing toxic balls at you. Next, you need to get over the whirlwinds. Use the Storm fly and get inside these whirlwinds to gain altitude. In that way, you’ll make it to the next office. Clear a couple more buildings with the enemies and take some useful objects. You’ll then realize that this office is in front of the building which is next to Maker’s Forge. You can come back to West End, and turn left before the building with an entrance. Now you can jump over the cliff and collect some useful objects.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-2

Move to Blistering Bridge portal (The Hollows location) to proceed. You’ve already been there, right after you left Lord of Hollows. There is a statue with a sword in the middle of the room. Switch to Flame form and attack the sword to trigger the mechanism and open the door. Follow the only possible route, kill the skeletons — they are vulnerable to fire (but you can actually kill them with your primary weapon).

Switch back to your basic form and move forward clinging onto the crossbars. While in your Flame form, get closer to the doors using a double jump and eliminate a huge monster (you must leap to safety since it will explode after its death). Then you need to open the door: come close to it and make a double jump in your Flame form to burn that statue.

Pick up an object from the alcove — this is the Invigoration Core. It increases the number of basic ability charges by 1. Move forward until you approach a dead end in a room full of skeletons. Take them out and activate the statue on your right (in the Flame form). A wall will rise on the right, and you’ll be able to come to a lowered bridge. You need to activate two statues with the swords simultaneously in order to lift the bridge up.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-10

Notice that there is an orange web next to the statue. It starts right from the place where you came from. Switch to Flame Form, double jump and burn the upper side of the web. Run to the far statue with a sword right away and burn it too. Both swords should start burning at the same time, and only then the bridge will be lifted up.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-11

Cross the bridge and enter the building that has locked bars on the left and a door in the right. There is also a passage to the balcony in the front. No rush to attack the statue on your right — go to the balcony first. Then jump onto the next balcony. You can collect some loot here after switching to Storm form.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-12

There is a wall breach inside the building. Get through it to make it to the hall with some dinner tables. Destroy all the skeletons, examine the tombs and jump down through the left wall hole. This should be done in Flame Form so you won’t get burned. Take the only possible route and you’ll find The Catacombs. You can also buy some new enhancements. Next, attack the statue sword to lift the bars up and return to the previous room.

Finding Accessway

Pick up the sword that has fallen from the statue (next to the pedestal) and place it to the statue to the left of the closed door. So now you have two statues with the swords that should be activated simultaneously. Hit the first statue, run to the second one and attack it. You’ll probably have to make a couple of tries, but sooner or later you’ll succeed.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-16

You’ll find yourself in a spacious room with three statues. One of them has a sword, the other two don’t. There are two buttons in the floor, in the right and in the left far corners of the opposite side of the room (if you walk along the perimeter). When you stand on each of the buttons, you’ll turn the alcove (you should have already seen how this works when you were leaving the Lord of Hollows).

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-17

Go to the far left corner, stand on the button and then stand behind the alcove. Follow the corridor, and before entering a big hall, look at the left wall. It has a small manhole. Get through it, jump onto the ledges and go downstairs — there will be a room with some more skeletons. Kill all of them and one more powerful big skeleton. Collect loot and find a new artifact to level up your weapon — Chaos. Make a jump attack on the sword which is under the bars in order to unblock a way to the next hall.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-18

There you’ll have a puzzle with an orange web. Use the middle button to turn the wall and show the sword. You need to activate it with fire. First, walk upwards and to the left using stairs, jump and cling onto the crossbar (in your basic form). When Fury approaches the orange web, switch to Flame form and make a long jump to burn the web down. A bag full of red slime is attached to this web, so the bag will explode and the slime will fall down. Entice the bug to eat as much slime as possible. Then you need to burn another web which is to the left of the bug, next to the water. Burn its left edge, furthest from the bug, using Flame form and right mouse button. Run to the middle button right away and wait. While the wall is turning to show the sword, the left web gets burned, sets fire on the bug which explodes and sets fire on the right web.

Move forward, burn the right web down and stand on the button which is in the niche. Once the opposite wall turns, go through it to get to the room with the first sword and take it. Activate this sword under the bars while making a jump and set it to any statue that doesn’t have a sword.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-19

Then, go to the far right corner to push the button and get into a new room. Walk downstairs, eliminate the skeletons and stand on the button. Once the wall turns round, run into the niche. Pick the second sword up, activate the sword under the bars and come back. When you set the sword to the statue, activate three of them so that the middle one turns around. Choose any route to get upstairs, move forward and jump higher to get to the cave.

Destroy monster children, mount the hill and jump higher using your Flame form. Switch to your basic form and look up — you’ll see a pipe. Double jump upon it, cling onto it and fly on the ledge which is on the opposite wall. Turn round and again jump onto that pipe. While Fury flies, switch to Flame form and press and hold Space to make a jump and get to the platform. It’s not likely to happen at the first attempt. Go downstairs and you’ll find Accessway (Nether location).

Finding Atrium of Greed

Go through the cave. Use the Storm ability to jump from one platform to another. If you fall down, you’ll have to start over. Soon you’ll get to a museum with a huge dinosaur skeleton. Kill all the monsters, collect loot and don’t touch the braces. Climb the staircase to the very top, destroy the enemies and burn the web down. This will loose a big chandelier.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-25

Come back to the stairs and look up. You’ll see that now you can get to the top of the dinosaur skeleton using chandelier's crossbar. You can make it in your basic form and in the end switch to Flame form and hold Space button to jump higher. Turn round and double jump onto the nearest chandelier using your Flame form. Then switch to Storm form, fly to the scaffolds and move along museum walls to get out of it using the opened exit. You’ll find a new pedestal — Atrium of Greed — downstairs.

Fight against Greed

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 3: Greed-26

Get ready for the battle against one more Deadly Sin — Greed. The battle takes place in the next hall. It’s not that fierce. Carry out a close combat attack and don’t forget to dodge. When boss jumps and starts throwing objects at you, just continue to dodge. In the second round, boss (apart from swinging his hands) will take a fridge or some other object, jump down holding this object and use it as a weapon. Collect a huge amount of loot after winning the fight. Return to the pedestal, walk left from the staircase, again collect loot in the cave and get through a small hole to open the passage to the subway (you’ve already been there).