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Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Unlock Alternate Ending in Darksiders 3

What you should do to get the extended ending

In Darksiders 3 you will have an opportunity to unlock an alternative, expanded ending. You will see the same cutscenes with small changes:

  1. A response of The Charred Council to Fury's actions (after the final battle).
  2. A response of a mysterious villain (supposedly Lucifer) after the end credits.

To unlock this ending you should kill Abraxis, take his soul and bring it to the quarters of the Lord of the Hollows. Abraxis hides in his tower in the location ‘’The Scar’’. Do you remember the area with a hurricane where you jump to for the first time? Return to the pedestal ‘’The Lowlands’’ and move in the opposite direction (not to a hurricane). Use a pipe or a crystal path on the left wall to overcome the abyss and look right. You will see an air stream. Use the Storm Hollow to go up, find an elevator, and step the button on the floor.

You will meet with Abraxis. During the dialogue choose the option ‘’Kill Abraxis’’ and defeat him. Now you can return to the quarters of the Lord of Hollows (the pedestal is called ‘’The Lord of Hollows' chamber’’) and talk to him. During the dialogue choose the option "Spare The Lord of Hollows". He will disappear and leave a mysterious stone. You will see an expanded ending if you have it at the time of the final.

In addition, you will receive one of the hidden achievements — ‘’A Parting Gift’’.