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Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Tips

The introductory guide to Darksiders 3: controls, fight mechanics, what Hollows are for, how to improve weapons and level up Fury and many other things


Darksiders 3 is a roleplay slasher. Despite some primitive boss battles which require only well-timed dodges and counterattacks, there are a lot of non-obvious things that we will describe in our introductory guide.

Fury's Hollows

In each Hollow Form Fury has some specific additional weapon. Thus, you have one main weapon, four additional one and one throwing weapon (Salvation). Regardless of a Hollow Form Fury uses the main weapon if you press LMB. Use the Flame Hollow and press RMB to use a fire weapon. Other additional weapons work in the same way.

In addition to weapons, each Hollow form allows to use certain functions:

  1. Flame Hollow. Allows Fury to burn a web. Come closer to it, press and hold RMB to charge a fire weapon. Do not forget that a white web burns forever, but an orange one reappears after a while. Using the Flame Hollow Fury can jump much higher. Press then press and hold the Space button to recharge.
  2. Storm Hollow. Use a double-click on the Space button and hold it to hovers in the air and from a ledge to a ledge using this Hollow Form. This ability has a short duration, that is why a ledge you come down from should be higher than your destination. In addition, this ability allows you to use air streams which you can find in many parts of the game world.
  3. Force Hollow. Press and hold the Space button – Fury will perform a hit with a huge hammer. This action allows to destroy any purple stones on your way, move rocks, trains, wagons, etc. Fury becomes much heavier in the Force Hollow. Use this Hollow Form to move on the bottom, protect yourself from a powerful hurricane or one of the Deadly Sins who tries to suck the main character into its huge mouth. A maximum height of jumps is decreased. Use double-click the Space button and hold it to become a force sphere. Use this ability to move along crystal paths one the walls and ceiling.
  4. Stasis Hollow. You can freeze objects using a stasis weapon or Salvation charged by this Hollow Form. Fury can also run on water freezing it. You can move other objects on ice (e.g. push stones) and jump between two ice walls.
Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Tips-1
The throwing melee Salvation can be charged in each of these Hollow Forms – Flame, Electricity, Force, and Ice (you can burn a web using Salvation charged by Flame)

Fury has special attacks for each Hollow Form (F button). You can activate it when the red bar under the HP scale will be filled:

  • In the usual form Fury performs a powerful strike. Activate Envy in the Force Hollow to make it more powerful.
  • In the Flame Hollow Fury will blaze and could torch enemies.
  • Using the Storm Hollow Fury can activate small Tornadoes which attack enemies.
  • Use the Stasis Hollow to freeze your targets.

Leveling Up

Soul lurchers are the main currency in the game. Fury will receive it for each defeated enemy. As it was in the Dark Souls series, you will receive souls if you kill enemies. Fury will find small, medium, and large congestions of soul lurchers (an equivalent of Crystal Soul in Dark Souls), unlock them in inventory and get new ones.

If the main character dies, she loses all souls (except non-broken lurchers) and returns to the last Vulrgim's pedestal she visited. If Fury, for example, just falls down from a branch of a tree, she will recover nearby with the same amount of souls (losing some HPs). You need to return to the place where Fury died and smash ‘’floating souls’’. If you die once again, ‘’floating souls’’ become in another place, but you will save all previous souls! They will appear in a new congestion of ‘’floating souls’’.

  • Note. Among other shards, there is one the most important – the shard of immortality. Activate it in the same way as you did it with other Fury's shards. You will see an icon under the Envy scale. Now, if Fury gets a critical hit, a part of HPs will be restored, and you can continue a battle instead of dying.

You will receive one point per each level. You can spend it on:

  • Health
  • Force
  • Magic

The second and the third have no impact on physical or magic damage. Remember that the more you spend on one characteristic, the less growth it has.

  • Note. In Darksiders 3 it is better to level up according to the following way: spend two points on Force, one point on Health and another one on Magic. On the other side, if you don't use counterattacks too often, you can ignore Magic.

Weapon Upgrades

You can buy two upgrades from Vulgrim – each of them costs 5000 soul lurchers. You can also find several lurchers in the game world. We describe it in the guide Where to Find All Weapon Upgrades in Darksiders 3.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Tips-2

Each upgrade has two bonuses – active and passive. An active bonus strengthens a weapon and works when you use this weapon.

  • Note. A passive bonus acts constantly if integrated into some weapon. If you integrate an upgrade with a passive bonus for Health into a weapon of the Storm Hollow, the health level will be increased even if you use another Hollow Form.

You can improve upgrades at Ulthane's Forge. He requires Angelic and Demonic artifacts. Use Demonic artifacts for active and Angelic artifacts for passive bonuses. Be careful – there are not enough artifacts for all upgrades.

How to improve upgrades:

  1. Choose passive or active branch of upgrades. Each branch has 3 levels, you have to spend on it two, four, or six artifacts – 12 Demonic or Angelic artifacts in total.
  2. There is a final upgrade. It requires another twelve artifacts and The Essence of a Chosen.
  3. You can get The Essence of a Chosen by killing additional bosses – The Chosens. There five of them in the game – read more about them in the guide Where to find The Essence of a Chosen in Darksiders 3.
  4. It is important: If you level up the branch with an active skill using Demonic artifacts, you will need The Essence and 12 Angelic artifacts, and vice versa.

Tip 1. Assuming that there are 60 Angelic and 60 Demonic artifacts in the game – there are 120 in total. The maximum upgrade requires 24 artifacts (12 Angelic artifacts and 12 Demonic artifacts). Divide 120 by 24 – it equals 5. It is the number of Essences of a Chosen you can find. As a result, you can choose 5 desirable upgrades and improve them to a maximum level. You can also integrate into the sixth weapon – Salvation – any basic upgrade.

Tip 2. You can act otherwise, but you can none of upgrades to the maximum level. Spend 60 Angelic artifacts on all passive improvement of six upgrades. This option is less preferable.

  • Note.In case of upgrades integrated into your main weapon, it is better to level up it on the branch of active skills. You need to improve the efficiency of this weapon – use Fortifier to increase physical and magic damage. You can integrate upgrades into 5 other weapons with the most desirable passive skills. You can level up to maximum an upgrade integrated into the main weapon and level up five other upgrades on the branch of passive skills. In this case, four Essences of a Chosen become useless.

P. S. The number of Demonic and Angelic artifacts mentioned above is approximate. There can be more artifacts in the game, but not more than five or six.

General Tips

Here you can find a list of tip that can help you in the game. We will mention some of the listed above:

  • Passive upgrade bonuses that you can integrate into weapons work permanently in any Fury's Hollow Form if these upgrades are integrated into weapons.
  • Being in the Chaos Hollow Fury recovers her health level.
  • Increasing Fury's level you recover her health level.
  • Nephilim's Respite has two charges by default. To restore them you should defeat enemies. One of them (randomly) can drop a green sphere – it restores one charge. In case of death, charges will be restored automatically.
  • You can increase the maximum number of charges of Nephilim's Respite if you find Invigoration Cores. There are four Cores in the game. It means that Nephilim's Respite can have up to six charges. You will receive an achievement if you manage to collect all of them. We will tell you about their locations in another guide.
  • Rejuvenation Cores strengthen Nephilim's Respite increasing the number of HPs restoring by an amulet. We will also tell you about locations of Rejuvenation Cores.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Tips-3

  • Fury does not die if she falls from a height. She will revive nearby and lose some HPs. You can die if you fall with a minimum HPs.
  • The shard of immortality can save you only if you get a critical damage from an enemy. If you die in lava or acid, the game will be over. In this case, The shard of immortality remains to be activated, but you have to find souls you have lost.
  • At the place you have died there will appear lost souls. They will be here even if you die for a second or for a third time.
  • In case of death, you lose souls added on your account only. Congestions, bunches, stashes, and crystals remain in your inventory. Use them just before feeding them to Vulgrim.
  • You can find Essences of a Chosen killing additional bosses – Chosens. There are five of them.
  • Enemies respawn only if you die.
  • Black Demons and other enemies with red eyes do not respawn after elimination.
  • Aim at several enemies and click the Caps Lock button on each of them to throw Salvation at them.
  • You can find red and purple stashes on the walls and ceilings. Use the Flame Hollow to smash red ones and the Force Hollow to smash purple stashes. Use a double fire jump to destroy red stashes and Salvation charged by Force to destroy purple ones.
  • Important! Try to write down all locked ways that you find. It is easy to forget about them and lose the opportunity to collect all upgrades, artifacts, Chosens, etc.
  • Save humans to receive bonuses from Ulthane – one bonus per five people. On where to find them and what bonuses you can get read our Where to Find All Humans in Darksiders 3 guide.
  • Markers which are shown in locations during the travel through pedestals indicate the previous pedestal you visited. Do not use it to follow the main storyline.
  • Smash all items around you – they may contain a useful shard.