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Dead Cells

Release date: August 7, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Dead Cells FAQ

Most popular question on how to get every rune, how to do the daily run, what boss cells are, how to use blueprints, what to upgrade first, and how to use shields

We recently did an in-depth guide for the game, but a lot of people had specific questions about certain tricky game mechanics and general information. As we’re always down to help a fellow gamer out, here’s our neat and sweet list of answers:

What platforms is Dead Cells available on?

What platforms isn’t it available on? Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac. With a bit of modding you could play this bad boy on a toaster display.

Which is better – Keyboard or Gamepad?

This is a matter of preference, but there’s something to be said about the directional analogs of gamepads and how you might find them a bit more intuitive. On the other hand, if you’re a diehard PC player, you might find the analog a little bit confusing, as it could slide you out of position if you’re not accurate enough.

Where to find all runes?

There a total of five runes, each unlocking a new ‘’ability’’. Four of these serve to let you access previously inaccessible areas, like ones that are too high, or behind a breakable wall.

Dead Cells FAQ-1
From left to right: Belier Rune, Spider Rune, Vine Rune, Teleportation Rune, Challenger Rune

Belier Rune – Unlocks breaking fragile floors

You need the Belier Rune, also known as the Ram Rune. You can only acquire it by defeating a mini boss – an Elite Slasher, present in the Ossuary biome. The Belier Rune lets you break fragile ground, marked by a yellow sign. Also, it buffs your dive attack’s damage and range. It’s one of the few must-haves in the game.

Dead Cells FAQ-2

How to defeat the Slasher:

He lunge-slashes at you three times; the last slash having a longer range than the other two. He’s usually much stronger than you, as you meet him a bit earlier in the game.

It’s recommended that you have a shield and try to block his attack, then parry. You could also try grenades, or a survivability build to get him to kill himself by hitting your shields.

As long as you don’t try to slash him back head-on, you should be fine.

Spider Rune – Unlocks wall jumping

Dead Cells FAQ-3

Similar as with the Slasher above, you need to kill an Elite Orb Caster in the Slumbering Sanctuary biome, to acquire the spider rune. You’ll know you’re in the right place for sure because you can’t leave until you get the rune, as you need to wall jump to exit.

To kill the Elite Orb Caster, you don’t need to do much, just bring any ranged weapon that you can spam at will. He fires an orb, horizontally, straight at you, and teleports away if you get too close. He’s a straightforward mini-boss, so your main concern is locating him. It should be a smooth sail after that.

Vine Rune – Unlocks Sprouting vines by tickling green blobs

Dead Cells FAQ-4

You have to down an Elite Undead Archer for this one, and cap the Vine Rune. You can find him in the Promenade of the Condemned biome. From there on out, you can ‘’tickle’’ the slimes to create climbable vines.

You can either dash under this fellow really quick, then slash him down with melee before he has a chance to cover you in arrows. Or, you could try to dupe and evade his arrows while you cast projectiles of your own.

Teleportation Rune – Unlocks teleportation from coffin to coffin

You’ll need to down another Elite Slasher, this time in the Toxic Sewers biome (See the Belier Rune section above for combat tips).

This’ll let you teleport from coffin to coffin with the ‘’rub’’ interaction. It’s the ultimate form of fast travel in the game.

Challenger Rune – Unlocks opens the daily run door in The Prisoner’s Cells

Dead Cells FAQ-5

For this bad boy you have to combat The Concierge, who is a full-fledged boss with several different techniques and abilities.

He’s got a melee stab, a ranged fiery slam, and generally enjoys long jumps across the screen.

The best tactic for downing him is evading his hits, being extremely careful not to get hit by hit stunning shout, and generally spamming any ranged attack, or turrets and bombs.

Alternatively, you could try to parry him at your own risk.

What are boss cells and how do I use them?

You dispose of these bad boys in The Tube at the start of the game, to modify the difficulty of the game and increase received bonuses. With every disposal, you kick up the difficulty of the game another notch, up to +5.

To get the first Boss Stem Cell, you have to kill the current final boss, i.e. the 4th boss of the game – The Hand of the King. It’s almost impossible to sum up this fight briefly, so we’d advise you watch a video of the fight and analyze the strategies in depth. Needless to say, you’ll need to be optimized to the teeth to handle this guy.

Dead Cells FAQ-6

Once you kill him and cap the first boss stem cell, you can use it, thereby resetting key encounters. Then, you can face him again, for the next stem cell, and so forth.

How do I do the daily run?

After you’ve got the Challenger Rune, you can do the daily run, which is a competitive mode, featuring a different map every day. The aim is to collect points and defeat bosses within a time limit.

You also receive blueprints as rewards for just finishing the run, on the first, fifth and tenth completed daily. These are the Swift Sword, Aura of Laceration and Meat Skewer.

How do I use blueprints?

Once you acquire a blueprint, you have to turn it in at the end of a level, thereby unlocking the ability to purchase the weapon permanently, at a later time.

How do I spend cells?

It’s a bit complicated, similar to how it works in Binding of Isaac – Basically, you spend cells to unlock weapons and thereafter they are available to drop in the game. Think of it as purchasing the right to find that weapon in the game, even after death.

What do I upgrade first?

As for upgrades, you’ll want to go for flask, gold and recycling upgrades asap. And, as a general rule, go for new upgrades, rather than upgrading the ones you already unlocked, except when you have a specific item you would like to max out. Very much like how you would treat armor and weapons in Dark Souls. Max out your intended main build, and unlock everything else in the minimum.

What does the ‘’Diet’’ option do?

That’s a bit of a dev-joke, and a matter of taste – no pun intended. It lets you pick the type of ‘’food’’ that enemies drop when you slice them up. Play around with it. It’s really cute and has no effect on the gameplay.

How do shields work?

They’re simple two-part defensive tools. They come with a passive ability, an active ability and a counter-active ability, i.e. a parry.

  • Passive – They give you a 0.5-second force field when you take damage, great for protecting against burst damage, but during this effect, your health recovery is lowered.
  • Active – Press and hold, and watch it deploy. After a 0.37 second windup, the shield is ready to protect against attacks from your front. The shield reduces the damage received from these attacks, by the percentage specified by the specific shield.
  • Counter-active – Tap quickly, when you’re being struck. If timed correctly, you essentially counter attack, depending on what type of attack you interrupted. Interrupting a melee attack counters with parry damage, ranged attacks get absorbed then redirected back, bombs react similarly, as they bounce off and explosions are absorbed.

And of course, you can increase shield efficiency by increasing your Survival Stat.

Did we miss anything important? Do you have any questions you’d like us to answer? Let us know in the comments below.

Viktor Zafirovski