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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

All Flowcharts (100%) for Detroit: Become Human

This guide will be updated as more flowcharts are added, so stay tuned

The Hostage

Shades of Color

All Flowcharts (100%) for Detroit: Become Human-4

A New Home

The Painter


Stormy Night


The Interrogation

Fugitives (95% due to bugs)

From the Dead

Waiting for Hank…

On the Run (98% due to bugs)


The Nest

Time to Decide

All Flowcharts (100%) for Detroit: Become Human-37


Russian Roulette

Spare Parts

The Eden Club

The Pirates’ Cove

The Bridge

All Flowcharts (100%) for Detroit: Become Human-56

The Stratford Tower

Public Enemy

Midnight Train

Capitol Park

Meet Kamski

Freedom March

Last Chance, Connor (98% due to the bug)

Crossroads: Connor

Crossroads: Markus

Crossroads: Kara

Night of the Soul: Connor

Night of the Soul: Markus

Battle for Detroit: Kara Captured

Battle for Detroit: Kara Leaving Detroit

Battle for Detroit: Connor’s Last Mission

Battle for Detroit: Connor at the Cyberlife Tower

Battle for Detroit: Markus Demonstration

Battle for Detroit: Markus Revolution