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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

How to Get All Trophies in Detroit: Become Human (Platinum)

How to get all 48 trophies and achieve platinum in three playthroughs in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is the most non-linear game in the portfolio of the French studio Quantic Dream. The activity of a player directly influences a march of events and leads to various endings. Choices and consequences are main components of the gameplay, that's why what we recommend to play the game for the first time without worrying about any trophies. Just play and enjoy the game!

There are 48 trophies in Detroit: Become Human:

- 40 bronze;

- 5 silver;

- 3 golden.

To achieve platinum, you can play the game at either of two difficulty modes.

It's easy to get trophies in Detroit. You don’t need high-level skills of handling of your gamepad, you must only make certain choices during the story. However, to achieve platinum, you have to finish the game at least twice (or even three times), it takes from 20 to 30 hours.

How to Get All Trophies in Detroit: Become Human (Platinum)-1

First walkthrough — without any requirements

We repeat - don't rush to get trophies! First time just play and enjoy the game, make choices you consider right. You'll spend from 10 to 12 hours to reach final titles. After the first walkthrough you'll get following trophies:

  • «Thank you» — you finished the first chapter;
  • «This is my story» — you finished the game once.


Second walkthrough — peaceful androids, Connor-deviant and the happy end

To finish the second walkthrough, you need to:

- play Connor-deviant and build good relationships with Hank;

- be a peaceful Protestant playing as Markus;

- save lives of all main characters and their companions.

Look for specific recommendations for each trophy to achieve a «good» walkthrough in the article below.

«Survivors» — all characters survived in the ending: Kara, Connor, Markus, Luther, Alice, Hank, Simon, North and Josh. If you lost one of the characters, go to the main menu and replay this episode from the checkpoint. If the character's death is already recorded, go to the «Chapters» menu and choose the necessary checkpoint manually.

«Undefeated» — you didn't fail any QTE for the whole game. You can miss some buttons, but it's important that the result of a fight or a dynamic scene is not counted as a failure (you can check the status in «Chapters» at the end of the chapter). We recommend to play Detroit on the normal difficulty mode, but if you are an inexperienced gamer, you can reduce the level of QTE in settings. As in the case with the «Survivors» trophy, if you fail a fight, go to the main menu and restart a checkpoint.

«Bookworm» — you've read all magazines. There're collectibles in Detroit such as magazines. Reading them, you can learn more about the world of the game. Usually, each magazine contains 2 articles — you have to read 46 in total. However, you can't find all of them during the first walkthrough because some news appears on certain conditions. Check «Extra» in the main menu to find out the issues you already have.

How to Get All Trophies in Detroit: Become Human (Platinum)-2

Pay attention to following issues:

- Chapter «Waiting for Hank...» (2 interchangeable issues): if in the chapter «Broken» you don't attack Leo, №28 opens («Famous Detroit Painter Dies»). If you attack Leo — №29 (The Three Laws of Robotic Parenting);

- Chapter «Jericho» (2 interchangeable issues): to find №32 («Android on the Run!»), in the chapter «On the Run» Kara needs to let discover herself and successfully escape from the police. If you escape from the police being undetected, there is №15 in this chapter (CyberLife's «Fortune Teller» Computer). You can find the latter in the chapter «Meet Kamski»;

- Chapter «Zlatko» (2 interchangeable issues): if you were discovered and escaped from the police in the chapter «On the Run», in the chapter «Zlatko» you can't find issues №34 and №35. To unlock №41 («AX400 Getaway»), you should escape from the police by stealth;

- Chapter «Freedom March»: magazines appear only if you act aggressively in the chapter «Capitol Park»;

- Chapter «Crossroads»: magazines appear only if Markus starts to fight the police in the chapter «Freedom March»;

- Chapter «Battle for Detroit — Markus Demonstration»: №45 unlocks only if you choose peaceful demonstration in the chapter «Night of the Soul»;

- Chapter «Battle for Detroit — Kara leaving Detroit»: №46 unlocks only if you choose a revolution in the chapter «Night of the Soul»;

Check the video below to learn where you can find all magazines.

«Partners» — Hank and Connor remained friends till the end. Try to say and do things that give rise to Hank's sympathy. First of all, don't die (necessary for «Undefeated»). Second, don't kill deviants — girls-androids from the nightclub and Chloe in the chapter «Kamski». Third, become a deviant. If you stay a machine, Hank will not become your friend.

«Happy Family» — Kara, Alice and Luther stayed together. Comes out automatically if you achieve «Survivors». It doesn't matter whether you are in the android recycling center or you'll escape across the border — you'll achieve the «Happy Family» trophy in both cases. However, you have to steal tickets from a woman with a child and go by bus, or Luther will die. Markus should make a peaceful demonstration to save lives of all characters.

Following trophies pertains to specific chapters. We enumerate them in chronological order so that it would be easier for you to get them.

«Mission accomplished» (chapter «The Hostage») — you rescued Emma. We recommend you to rescue her at the cost of your life to shorten 3rd walkthrough.

«Secrets» (chapter «A New Home») — when Alice gave you a key, you checked the casket on her table.

«Deviant Located» (chapter «Partners») — you've found sufficient amount of evidence, developed a logical path and climbed on the attic.

«We are free» (chapter «Stormy Night»)  — you escaped with Alice from Todd's house.

«Defend yourself» and «Self-control» trophies are interchangeable. Choose the option you didn't choose the first time. Remember that it influences the article which will appear in the chapter «Waiting for Hank...»

«Defend yourself» (chapter «Broken») — you pushed Leo.

«Self-control» (chapter «Broken») — you didn't push Leo.

«Confession» (chapter «The Interrogation») — you get talking to the android and force him to confess. You need to achieve optimum stress level (in the middle of the mapped scale) and you shouldn't invade android's memory — he should tell everything by himself.

«Shelter» (chapter «Fugitives») — you stayed the night with Alice in the motel or in the abandoned house. There're only 3 variants of the overnight stay in this chapter, just don't choose a car and you'll get the trophy. You need to steal clothes from a laundry and money from a seller in a shop (it will worsen relationships with Alice). If you don't want to steal, go to the yard of the abandoned house, find a wire cutter and after the meeting with the mad android, persuade him to let you in.

«Know your partner» (chapter «Waiting for Hank...») — you examined Hank's table carefully, scanned all 8 pieces of evidence, found clippings, listened to music in headphones and then discussed with Hank the topic he is interested in.

«Run Kara run» (chapter «On the Run») — you escaped from the police with Alice.

«Save Hank» (chapter «The Nest») — during the chase you let the deviant go and rescued Hank. Even if you acted in the same way during the first walkthrough, choose this variant — it's important to save good relationships with Hank!

«Escape the manor» (chapter «Zlatko»)  — you escaped from Zlatko with Alice.

«Jericho’s hero» (chapter «Spare Parts») — you agreed to take with you the android-guard, then you got a key and hijacked a truck with spare parts.

«Doubts» (chapter «The Eden Club») — you let girls-androids go. When you have a choice to kill an assailant or to spare, choose the second option and let deviants go (don't ruin QTE before that if you want to get «Undefeated» trophy). Even if you acted in the same way during the first walkthrough, choose this variant — it's important to save good relationships with Hank and become a deviant!

«A smile on her face» (chapter «The Pirates' Cove») — you couldn't miss this trophy if Kara and Alice have lived till this chapter.

«When a plan comes together» (chapter «The Stratford Tower») — you went on the air without alarm and losses in the squad. Perform 3 actions to get the trophy: 1) lock the door in the server-room; 2) outwit 2 guards; 3) kill the employee who tries to escape.

NOTE: playing as Connor in the chapter «Public Enemy», watch a cutscene with Markus and neutralize the deviant whom you'll interrogate in the kitchen!

«Nothing to see here» (chapter «Midnight train») — you convinced the police officer that there're no androids in the house. To be unsuspicious, close a locker with blue blood, tell Luther to go upstairs, hide android's clothes and close the door to the room with robots before you let a police officer in. There is a magazine with 2 articles on the table. Don't leave it open on pages with the article about an android of the same model as Kara. When the police officer comes in, make him coffee. When he asks about the noise, tell him that it's a washing machine or a dog.

«Send a message» (chapter «Capitol Park») — you arranged a peaceful demonstration. When you free androids, you'll have a choice: to paint graffiti on walls of houses or to sweep everything around. Choose the 1st option.You can also block the roads using cars (don't turn them upside-down) and force android's stations (don't break them).

«Kinship» (chapter «Meet Kamski») — you didn't kill Chloe. Even if you acted in the same way during the first walkthrough, choose this variant - it's important to save good relationships with Hank and become a deviant.

«Confrontation» (chapter «Freedom March») — you attacked police officers. Choose the option «Attack», but in order not to lower public opinion, spare officers and let them escape in the end.

«Bloodhound» (chapter «Last Chance, Connor»)  — you've found the location of «Jericho». To get an access to evidence, enter Hank's password («FUCKINGPASSWORD»), then examine remains of Daniel (the last one on the left) and remains of the deviant from the TV tower (the last one on the right). Take the necessary component from Daniel and put it into the deviant. Talk to him. Come to material evidence, take the pad with Markus' appeal and copy his voice. Go back to the deviant and pretend to be Markus — he'll give you the location of «Jericho».

«Three at Jericho» (chapter «Crossroads») — three main characters reached «Jericho». If you followed our guide, you can't miss the trophy.

«One of us» (chapter «Crossroads») — you made Connor a deviant.

«Scorched earth» (chapter «Crossroads») — you blew up the ship, playing as Markus or Connor.


  • In the same chapter, «Crossroads», Kara and Alice can escape the police or give up. Their ending depends on these alternatives. Choose the option you didn't see during the first walkthrough. In our guide we'll surrender. Don't forget to rescue Luther.
  • In the chapter «Night of the Soul» choose peaceful demonstration.

«Moral Victory» (chapter «Battle for Detroit»)  — you stuck to pacifist's strategy to the last and forced soldiers to retreat. Don't show aggression, don't believe promises of authorities and hold the line to the last to get this trophy and the respective ending. During the attack perform all QTE. Choose «Sing» or «Kiss North» at the end, when Markus and his mates will be surrounded.

«Escape death» (chapter «Battle for Detroit»)  — Kara and Alice escaped from the recycling center. Complete Kara's plotline successfully. You can miss this trophy if you don't surrender (может быть тут surrender) to the police in the chapter «Crossroads».

«An army of me» (chapter «Battle for Detroit»)  — Connor awoke androids in the «Cyberlife» tower. You'll get this trophy if you kill Connor's double and complete the chapter successfully. Don't forget to rescue Hank.

«My turn to decide» (chapter «Battle for Detroit») — you didn't allow «Cyberlife» to hack Connor. Find the hole reserved by Kamski in the snow-covered garden to get this trophy.

The third walkthrough — android revolution, Connor-machine, everybody died

The third walkthrough is the shortest. Here you should play Connor as a machine and ruin relationships between Connor and Hank. Look for descriptions of remaining trophies and some hints on certain chapters in paragraphs below.

«I’ll be back» — it's the most important trophy you should concentrate on during the third walkthrough. The whole point is that you should kill Connor wherever possible.

If you rescued the hostage during the second walkthrough and sacrificed Connor's life, you may start from the chapter «The Interrogation» (you can start it in «Chapters»). Force a deviant to kill you. Then hack his memory, when police officers try to stop the process of self-destruction of the robot, you should step in.

  • Chapter «On the Run». Connor should chase Kara and Alice across a road. Crossing the first half of the road, perform QTE as Kara and fail it as Connor — the latter will be knocked down by the truck. Fail all QTE as Kara — that's how you'll kill Alice. It helps to shorten the third walkthrough.
  • Chapter «Russian Roulette». Make sure, that you've found the photo of Hank's son, while Hank is changing his clothes.
  • Chapter «Spare Parts». Don't take the robot-guard with you.

«Ruthless» (chapter «The Eden Club») — you killed 2 Traceys.

«Just a machine» (chapter «The Bridge») — you made Hank sufficiently angry and he shot you down. While talking to Hank, choose a personal question and ask him about the photo. Then choose «Stop to drink», «Software», «Cold», «Cold», «Cold», «Not alive» and «Nothing».

  • Chapter «The Stratford Tower». Before entering the studio choose «To deceive guards» and don't push buttons. In this case, Simon will be injured. After an appeal to people of Detroit, come upstairs to the roof and leave Simon there.
  • Chapter «Public Enemy». When a deviant attacks Connor in the kitchen, just wait until the timer runs out.

«Burn the place» (chapter «Capitol Park»)  — you made a mess. Tear offbenches, break a statue, set a summer house on fire, smash windows, turn cars upside-down and set them on fire, hack screens.

«Priorities» (chapter «Meet Kamski») — you killed Chloe. NOTE: don't ask Kamski about the location of «Jericho»!

«Stand your ground» (chapter «Freedom March») — choose «Stand still» and «Sacrifice oneself», when Markus faced the police. Markus' plotline ends.

Chapter «Last Chance, Connor» — Decapitate Tracey with brown hair and outsmart her blue-haired friend to find out the location of «Jericho». Then the fight with the police officer begins — fail all QTE.

«Compliant» (chapter «Crossroads») — you decided to stay a machine during the conversation with North.

In the same chapter («Crossroads»), when Connor leaves the ship, he will run into the police officer. Attack him and fail all QTE. There will be a cutscene, where Hank will shoot himself. After that, you'll get the trophy «I'll be back».

Remaining trophies

Now you should replay several chapters to get remaining trophies. Use «Chapters» to start necessary checkpoints.

«Catch it» (chapter «The Nest») — you chased the deviant and didn't rescue Hank.

«A glimpse of Jericho» (chapter «Public Enemy»)  — During the third walkthrough you left Simon to die, but he stayed alive. Playing as Connor, walk up to the roof and find the injured. When he starts to shoot, rush at him and perform QTE.

«Safe harbor» (chapter «Battle for Detroit») — start the chapter «Crossroads» in the line where all characters are alive. Make Connor a deviant. During the raid on «Jericho», playing as Kara, rescue Luther and pretend to be dead — that's how you don't find yourself in the recycling center. Then, according to the plot, Kara and Alice should reach a bus station. By all means rescue Luther and Jerry on the way! Steal tickets from a woman with a child at the bus station. On the border, you have to sacrifice someone's life: Kara, Luther or Jerry. You can choose the last one. «Safe harbor» can be combined with the «Liberation» trophy.

«Liberation» (chapter «Battle for Detroit») — in the chapter «Night of the Soul» choose a revolution instead of a peaceful demonstration. Complete successfully the chapter «Battle for Detroit».

«Mission complete» (chapter «Battle for Detroit»)  — you killed the leader of deviants. Restart the chapter «Battle for Detroit» from the moment of a victory speech of Markus (when «Cyberlife» tries to hack Connor). During the crack do nothing; as a result, Connor will shoot Markus.

«These are our stories» (bonus section). Go to the bonus section in the main menu and start to buy up everything - audios, videos, concept arts, characters. You'll get the trophy when you spend 20000 points.

Congratulations! You collected all trophies in Detroit: Become Human and received the cherished platinum!