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Detroit: Become Human

Release date: May 25, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Detroit: Become Human FAQ

From this material you will find out if you can run it on PC, how to save all the characters, how can Connor make friends with Hank and who the biggest stars of the game cast are

Release date

Detroit: Become Human came out on May 25, 2018, on PlayStation 4. The game was not announced for the PC and other platforms.

Will there ever be a PC release of Detroit: Become Human?

As for the PC version of the game and for Xbox one, the probability of their appearance is catastrophically minimal. Quantic Dream originally claimed that the game will be PS4-exclusive and will remain such in the future.

We need to mention that the early games of David Cage, the founder of the studio, were released on PC and Xbox. Starting with Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream games have been released by Sony Corporation and only on their platform.

The stars of Detroit: Become Human:

Brian Decart — Connor

Detroit: Become Human FAQ-1

Valori Kerry — KaraDetroit: Become Human FAQ-2

Mina Kelly — NorthDetroit: Become Human FAQ-3

Lance Henriksen — Carl Manfred

Detroit: Become Human FAQ-4
An interesting fact: Henriksen played the android Bishop in the movie ‘’Aliens’’.

Jesse Williams — MarcusDetroit: Become Human FAQ-5

Clancy Brown — Lieutenant Hank AndersonDetroit: Become Human FAQ-6

Simbi Hali - AmandaDetroit: Become Human FAQ-7

Evan Park — LutherDetroit: Become Human FAQ-8

Gabriel Hersh — Chloe

Detroit: Become Human FAQ-9
An interesting thing: Hersh were a model for Chloe Price, the character of the Life is Strange.

Todd — Dominic GouldDetroit: Become Human FAQ-10

Detroit: Become Human endings

The game has multiple endings to unlock. Each of them depends on who of the characters will survive through the episodes and the results of android rebellion.

Total playtime of Detroit: Become Human

It will take you about 25-30 hours to beat the game. It is an average amount of time. For example, if you set a goal to kill all the characters, then you can pass the game much faster, reducing the number of subsequent scenes.

How to make Connor become friends with Hank

The more playing as Connor you will help Hank, endowing him with compliments, the higher the chances that both characters will become friends.

There are several key points in the game that will make a significant impact on the relationships between these two characters.


Detroit: Become Human FAQ-11

By the end of the chase in the episode ‘’Nest’’, you need to make a choice: to follow the android or to save Hank. Be sure to choose the second option to gain the trust and respect of Hank.


Try not to be irritable around Hank. Make sure that Hank does not kill Connor in order not to break the relationships.

Meet KamskiDetroit: Become Human FAQ-12

When you meet Kamski, the founder of ‘’CyberLife’’, he gives you a mission: to shoot in Chloe for more information or to save her life. Hank doesn’t want Chloe to be dead, so he would be grateful if you listen to him and ignore the program settings.